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Breaking the Silence 2014: Queen Mary, University of London

Students from both the Queen Mary Tamil Society and the Barts Tamil Society ran a stall at the Mile End campus, last month as part of their annual 'Breaking the Silence' exhibition.

The exhibition at the busy Library Square saw lots of student traffic, serving as a middle ground between lecture theatres and stands in front of the library and attracted many passersby. Students from the two Tamil societies showcased the exhibition, saying their main aim was to highlight the atrocious ongoing human rights violations committed against innocent Tamil civilians particularly sine the end of the armed conflict in 2009.

Many students voiced their disgust at the treatment of Tamils by the Sri Lankan government and armed forces. One student told the organisers,

"I study a politics degree and I even do a module which concerns the civil war in Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland. I’m disgusted to see that the innocent are used as collateral damage in this political monopoly."

Speaking on the exhibition one of the organisers said,

"We were really pleased with the amount of QM students that took time out of their day to come and have a look at our exhibition. Unsurprisingly many students reading politics degrees’ showed a very keen interest in our exhibtion. We have to give a special thanks to all our peers that were able to attend, participate and help organise.

"Hopefully this successful exhibition will inspire confidence in them and spur them on to continue this tradition next year."


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