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Breaking the Silence Journal: London Metropolitan University

The London Metropolitan University held its annual ‘Breaking The Silence’ awareness raising exhibition on December 9, highlighting the ongoing genocide committed against Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The exhibition, displaying posters highlighting genocidal processes and mass atrocities committed against Tamils, was organised by the London Metropolitan University Tamil Society (LMTS) outside the university undergraduate office.

The exhibition attracted interest from several students, who left messages expressing solidarity with the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

"We as a committee wanted to raise awareness and highlight the ongoing structural genocide and human rights violations leashed against the Tamil people in the Island by the Government of Sri Lanka," a committee member from the London Metropolitan Tamil Society told the Tamil Guardian.

"The Breaking The Silence exhibition has been well received. One person who saw the exhibition said that she would make sure that her children were aware of the situations the Tamils faced in Sri Lanka when they decided on their holiday destinations in South Asia. Another person who recently visited Sri Lanka said that he now understood why he was not allowed to visit the North of the island," added Bharathy Maheswaran.

Students from the Tamil society contributed to the exhibition by producing artwork that  depicted hardships faced by Tamil people in the North-East of Sri Lanka during and after the ethnic conflict.

The campaign can be followed on twitter using ‘#BreakTheSilence’.

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