LTTE uniform and documents uncovered in Mullaitivu

Sri Lankan police are currently investigating the alleged discovery of a cache of LTTE uniform and related documents that were reportedly uncovered in Mullaitivu on Monday. The discovery was reportedly made in Iranaippalai in Puthukudiyiruppu. It comes just days after human skeletal remains were also uncovered in Puthukudiyiruppu. Last week, a former LTTE cadre, his wife and sister were arrested over the alleged possession of weapons.

Gotabaya vows to release Sri Lankan soldiers at manifesto launch

Sri Lanka’s former defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa once more vowed to release Sri Lankan troops accused of rights abuses and pledged to ensure the end of “foreign... interference” as he launched his election manifesto for next month’s presidential polls on Friday. Rajapaksa claimed that his government had taken steps “to pardon, rehabilitate and release 13,784 Tiger members who surrendered with arms” and lamented how that process was not in place for Sri Lankan soldiers accused of war crimes. His manifesto says that his government would “systematically rehabilitate and reintegrate” Sri...

Sri Lankan security forces may have allowed Easter Sunday attack - parliamentary report

Sri Lanka’s security forces received intelligence that an attack was due to take place on Easter Sunday but may have allowed it to proceed in order to “create chaos and instil fear” ahead of presidential elections, said a parliamentary select committee report this week. The report which was presented to Sri Lanka’s parliament on Wednesday, found that though members of the security apparatus, including chief of the State Intelligence Service Nilantha Jayawardena, received information on possible attacks more than a fortnight before the bombings, there were delays in sharing the intelligence...

'May 17 2009, I saw my dad for the last time' - 14-year-old Mullivaikkal survivor

Kalaiyarasi Kanagalingam, a 14-year-old survivor of Mullivaikkal, spoke about the last memory of her father and the importance of Tamil genocide recognition at a conference hosted at the Houses of Parliament and attended by several senior British politicians and international legal experts on Thursday. Read her full speech to the conference below. "Hello, my name is Kalaiyarasi Kanagalingam, I am 14 years old. I'm here today to speak about how my life has been affected by what happened in 2009. 2009 was the most memorable and painful year of my life. May 17 2009, I saw my dad for the last...

British MPs push for Tamil genocide recognition in Parliament

On Thursday, the APPGT (All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils) hosted it's first-ever conference on Tamil Genocide Recognition in the Houses of Parliament were politicians from across the political spectrum voiced their support in obtaining justice and accountability for the massacres of Tamils. The conference was well attended by MPs from all major political parties, including the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, the former Conservative party leader, Iain Duncan Smith, and the Deputy Leader of the Liberal-Democrats, Sir Ed Davey. The conference also featured a number of eminent academic and legal experts including a panel featuring former UN Assistant-Secretary General Charles Petrie, former UN Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights Ben Emmerson QC, current Member of Canadian parliament Gary Anandasangaree, and head of Together against Genocide, Jan Jananayagam.

IPKF massacre at Jaffna Hospital commemorated

The 32nd anniversary of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) massacre was marked at the Jaffna Hospital, with staff and family members holding a commemorative ceremony this week. At least 68 civilians, including 21 medical personnel, were killed by Indian troops as they stormed the hospital building, throwing grenades and firing indiscriminately at staff and patients. The building had been shelled by artillery before the raid. The following morning, staff who tried to surrender were fired upon before further IPKF soldiers stormed the building and ordered ten members of staff out of the...

Human skeletal remains uncovered in Mullaitivu

Human skeletal remains have been uncovered in Mullaitivu this week, in yet another discovery of potential graves in the North-East. The remains were found in the Swaddapuram area in Puthukudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu. Little information has been released by authorities, with Sri Lankan police investigations reportedly underway.

US threatens to curtail security operations with Sri Lanka

US officials have threatened to curtail security operations with Sri Lanka following the appointment of war criminal, Shavendra Silva, as army chief back in August. The official in charge of human rights at the State Department, Robert Destro, responded to Silva’s appoint by stating; “We have made it clear to the Sri Lankan president and other senior officials that Silva’s promotion to army commander will significantly curtail bilateral cooperation with the Sri Lankan Army under U.S. law, while accountability for Silva and other perpetrators could lead to easing restrictions and greater...

The kindred spirits of Kurdistan

The deafening din of explosions; chaotic coughs through the black smoke; mechanical murmurs of invading tanks, as the international community looks away. The indigenous civilians of the land - retreating in tears. Forced to leave their homes without the remains of loved ones, for family members and martyrs are not distinct. Through their pain, they strive to survive clutching to the dream, that the homeland they loved was not lost. As they navigate the forced disorder, they maintain the belief that the oasis they had built will not be drained. Does this tragedy sound familiar?

Senior Sri Lankan navy commanders complicit in torture - ITJP

Senior Sri Lankan navy commanders are complicit in serious crimes including torture, disappearances and murders, revealed a new report by the International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) on Wednesday.