Canada opposes ICC’s investigation into Israeli war crimes

Canada has joined 6 other countries in requesting that the International Criminal Court (ICC) not continue with hearings on Israeli war crimes, claiming that the Court did not hold a right of jurisdiction as Canada does not recognise a Palestinian state. Canada’s letter to the ICC, which also made reference to its own contribution to the ICC that year, $10.6 million this year, was submitted on the 14 February. 6 other countries have maintained clear opposition to the investigation including, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Uganda and Brazil. The ICC is permitted the submission...

El Salvador’s President vetoes reconciliation bill

El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, has vetoed a national reconciliation bill on the grounds that such a bill would grant impunity to those who committed crimes against humanity during the El Salvadorian civil war, from 1980-1992. The bill fell short of the 56 required to override the President’s veto securing only 44 seats in an 84 Legislative Assembly. 11 voted against the bill and legislator abstained. Bukele claimed that the bill would force prosecutors to close cases on war crimes without yielding accountability for the crimes committed or compensation for victims. Bukele has...

US and Taliban sign peace agreement to end 18-year old war in Afghanistan

US officials signed a historic peace agreement with Taliban representatives yesterday in Qatar, aimed at bringing an end to the conflict in Afghanistan that the US has been fighting since 2001. The 'Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan' was signed by US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban's chief negotiator, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

42 killed during anti-Muslim riots in Delhi

During the US President, Donald J Trump’s, visit India to meet with Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi, anti-Muslim mobs rioted throughout Delhi, leaving an approximate 42 dead, the majority of whom are Muslim. The riots in Delhi are reported to be the most deadly since the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. During the riots at least 4 mosques were set on fire as well as Muslim owned shops, homes and places of business. The New York Times notes that many of the victims had been killed by gunfire. The riots which were led by hardline Hindu-nationalists were in response to a...

UN Secretary General raises concerns over CAA in India

UN Secretary General, António Guterres, recently raised concerns over the impending fate of the minorities in India, following the passing of the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA). During his four-day visit to Pakistan, the Secretary General said that "there is a risk of statelessness" with regards to the two million people that are now facing the danger of exclusion due to the much contested CAA.

UN Secretary General's 7 point plan for human rights

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, raised a “call for action” to protect human rights, during the first meeting of the UN Human Rights council, which centred on 7 key points; sustainable development, crisis prevention; gender equality; civil participation; the rights of future generations; collective action; and human rights with respects to new technology.

UN tells Zimbabwe government to accelerate requisite action against human rights abusers

The European Union (EU) has prompted action from the Zimbabwe government to ensure that justice and accountability against human rights abusers is immediately sought. The call from EU on Monday (Feb 17) requested that an investigation was made into the violence that occurred following the 2018 elections – in particular Zimbabwe security forces who were found to have used excessive lethal force to quell nationwide protests in mid-January 2019, according to Human Rights Watch . Investigations found that ‘ at least 17 civilians were killed and 17 women were raped ’ and no security force persons has been sanctioned for these offences.

Human Rights Watch urges Australia to pass law sanctioning human rights abusers

Human Rights Watch tabled a submission calling on passing a law to the Australian government that will allow targeted sanctions against serious human rights violators abroad, on Monday. The proposed law was suggested to the parliament’s human rights subcommittee and would implement similar legislation in effect in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

New leak exposes China’s systematic tracking of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang

A document leaked to Deutsche Welle (DW) exposes how China is using high-tech surveillance to track every Uighur Muslim in Xinjiang. The newly leaked document reveals that Uighurs are being tracked by their identity, religion, locations and their habits. It also lists hundreds of detainees and the reasons for their detention. “Having a beard”, “wife wearing a face veil” and “having too many children” are some of the reasons why Uighur Muslims are being detained in Xinjiang. DW’s analysis of the document highlights that China subjects Uighur Muslims to draconian methods of tracking and arrests...

British MP and Kashmiri rights campaigner denied entry to India

Labour MP, Debbie Abrahams, was denied entry into India yesterday, without any reason being given. The MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, who is also the Chair of the All-Party-Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Kashmir, was told that her e-visa was invalid and was flown out to Dubai. Immigration officials at Delhi airport told the British MP that her e-visa, which was issued in October 2019 and was valid until October 2020, has been rejected. She said she was “treated like a criminal” before she was put back on a plane to Dubai. Abrahams has been an outspoken critic of the Indian government’s...