UN report says Israel may have committed war crimes

The United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry concluded Israeli troops may have committed war crimes during the Gaza protests dubbed as the “Great March of Return”.

Namibian lawmakers seek an apology from Germany for genocide

A delegation of Namibian lawmakers are currently in Berlin pushing the German government to reconcile with a genocide it committed against the Nama and Herero people (also known as Ovaherero) people of Namibia over a 100 years ago. The lawmakers hope to reach a resolution with the German government based on the 1989 parliament resolution which stated it would accept historical and political responsibility for Namibia. In January 1904, a group Herero people staged an uprising against German colonial rule in which more than a hundred German civilians were killed. The following year, the smaller...

Thousands protest in France against anti-Semitic attacks

Tens of thousands took to the streets of France last week to protest recent anti-Semitic attacks, denouncing hate crimes with placards “fraternity” and “exit hatred”. France which is home to the biggest Jewish population in Europe has recently seen a rise in anti-Jewish attacks. The French government said that anti-Semitism is “spreading like poison” in France. The most recent attack occurred on Monday when a Jewish cemetery in Quatzenheim in Alsace was targeted overnight. Around 80 Jewish tombstones were vandalised with swastikas, a symbol of Nazi Germany. Last weekend, during an anti-...

Pakistan shoots down two Indian air force jets

Pakistan has claimed responsibility for shooting down two Indian air force jets and is holding an Indian pilot in custody. The attack follows escalating tensions between the two nations. On February 14, the Pakistan based militant organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) conducted a suicide attack which killed 40 Indian security personnel in the Indian controlled region of Kashmir. In response, the Indian Air Force (IAF) conducted a targeted air strike on a militant camp near Balakot in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. India’s external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj has stated that the objective of the attack “was to act decisively against the terrorist infrastructure of the JeM in order to pre-empt another terrorist attack in India”.

UK adds Hezbollah’s political wing to terrorist list

The United Kingdom last week added the political wing of Hezbollah to its list of terrorist organisations, meaning that those found to either be a member of or supporter of Hezbollah will face criminal prosecution with up to ten years in prison. The move is a shift from Britain’s previous policy, under which the military wing was criminalised following a ban on the military wing which came into force in 2008, but diplomats would negotiate with political members.

UN court rules British occupation of Chagos Islands illegal

The United Nations’ highest court has ruled the British occupation of the Chagos Islands is illegal, in what has been described as a humiliating blow to the UK’s prestige on the world stage.

UN demands inquiry into Indonesian police’s torture of West Papua boy with a snake

A UN panel of experts is demanding an inquiry into allegations of police violence, unlawful arrests and torture in Indonesia after a video was released showing police interrogating a young West Papua boy with a snake. The officers were laughing as they wrapped a large snake around him whilst he remained handcuffed and screamed in fear, becoming increasingly distressed. The boy was arrested for stealing a mobile phone in the Jayawijaya district, during a police crackdown on petty crime. The UN views this case as part of “a widespread pattern of violence” by the police against the West Papua...

Amnesty International India is accused of caste-based discrimination and harassment

A number of prominent Indian rights activists have withdrawn support from Amnesty International over allegations of caste-based discrimination and harassment. These include Dalit rights activists, Radhika Vemula and Chandrasekhar Azad, as well as women’s rights campaigner Mariya Salim who had worked for Amnesty. Salim worked for Amnesty India for eight months before resigning in September, stating that she felt “humiliated, excluded and denied opportunities unfairly”. Speaking to the Guardian she said, she knew of “lower caste staff who had suffered discrimination but did not speak out for...

Warring parties in Yemen agree to pullback from Hodeidah

After two days of talks, the warring parties in Yemen have finalised a deal on the first phase of the pullback of forces from the city of Hodeidah.

Lords committee report finds UK’s arms causing 'significant civilian casualties' in Yemen

Britain’s international relations select committee has published a damning report concluding that the UK’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia are unlawful and called for some sales to be halted.