Nairobi attack leaves 21 dead and several injured

An attack on a hotel complex, DusitD2, in Kenya’s capital, left 21 people dead, several injured and 50 unaccounted for last week, with a total of 700 people evacuated from the hotel complex.

Israel criticised over opening of ‘Apartheid road’ in West Bank

Israel has come under criticism for the opening of a new highway in the occupied West Bank, separating Palestinian and Israeli traffic between villages of Anata and Azzayim. The newly opened route 4370, which Palestinians have dubbed as the “apartheid road”, segregates the road into two separate two way lanes with a high wall in the middle, topped with fencing. The western side allows Palestinians in the West Bank to go around Jerusalem while the eastern side allows Israeli settlers to enter and leave Jerusalem. Palestinians cannot enter the city without an Israeli military-issued permit.

Turkey - ready to create safe zone for Kurds

President Erdogan stated Turkey is ready to create a 32 km (20-mile) deep safe zone alongside its border with Kurdish-held Syria, running along the border from Afrin to the western bank of the River Euphrates. The announcement follows President Trump's threat that the US will "devastate Turkey economically” if they attacked the Kurdish separatist militia known as the People’s Protection Unit (YPG). The YPG has been a crucial ally for the US in their war in Syria. The US has announced its strategic withdrawal from the region which threatens to leave the YPG defenceless against Turkey. Last...

Spanish government meets with Catalan separatist leaders

Spain's deputy prime minister, Carmen Calvo, met with Catalan’s Vice President Pere Aragones and spokesperson, Elsa Artadi in Madrid on Thursday. The meeting came a day after the detaining of 13 activists, a separatist mayor, and a journalist on Wednesday for allegedly disrupting a high-speed rail line on October 1, 2018, the anniversary of the independence referendum, which was rejected by Madrid as 'illegal'. The Catalan government has insisted that these detentions were illegal as they were not court ordered. Negotiations with Catalan’s leaders was initiated by Pedro Sanchez who took...

Israeli authorities evict Palestinian family to make way for settlers

Israeli authorities have handed a Palestinian family an eviction notice demanding they leave their home in Occupied East Jerusalem.

Doctor and child killed during protests in Sudan

Protests in Sudan calling for the resignation of President Bashir have resulted in the death of a doctor and a child. Protests occurred in several cities across Sudan on Thursday but police were reported to have fired tear gas and live ammunition on demonstrates who tried to march on the presidential palace, in the capital, Khartoum. The death of the doctor and child was first reported by the Sudan Doctors' Committee, a group linked to the opposition. The death has also since been confirmed to the AFP news agency by relatives of the victims. The AFP reports that journalists saw many security...

Afghan Taliban threatens to pull out of peace talks

The Afghan Taliban has warned the United States that it will withdraw from peace negotiations if they refuse to withdraw from Afghanistan, a central demand from the Islamist group throughout the 17 year conflict. The warning comes a day after the Taliban reportedly attacked a compound in Kabul city killing five and wounding more than 110. The Taliban’s senior leadership had recently cancelled their fourth round of peace negotiations with the US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, citing an “agenda disagreement”. Khalilzad began overseeing the US peace efforts last year...

Indonesia denies white phosphorus use in West Papua

The Indonesian government has denied its military used white phosphorus in West Papua, following a report published in an Australian paper detailing the unverified use of the chemical weapon against civilians this month. According to the paper the attack occurred in the region of Nduga in West Papua. Photographic evidence published shows a villager with severe burns and a wounded leg, which has been attributed to use of white phosphorus. Reporters, John Martinkus and Mark Davis assert that they had solid evidence of the attack and accuse the government of dissembling and avoiding...

UN watchdog calls on Bahrain to release activist’s family  

The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has called on Bahrain to release the family members of prominent exiled activist, Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, an outspoken critic of the Bahraini government who now lives in Britain. A report released by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention stated that the three relatives were being held because of their kinship to Alwadaei. Alwadaei’s brother in law, Sayed Nizar Alwadaei, his mother in law, Hajar Mansoor Hassan and a cousin, Mahmood Marzooq were convicted on charges of planting a fake bomb in October 2017 and were sentenced to three years in prison. The Working Group’s ruling says that they were arrested without legal basis and arbitrarily detained without the use of an arrest warrant or legal representation. The Group has also suggested evidence showed that the trio had been victims of torture and false confessions.

5 Israeli teenagers accused of stoning Palestinian mother

Five Israeli teenagers have been accused of stoning to death a Palestinian mother. Aisha Rabi, a Palestinian mother of nine, was travelling by car with her husband and two daughters when she was struck on the head by a stone. She died near the settlement of Rehelim, in the occupied West Bank, on October 12. The Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) have not revealed any information on the five suspects detained under suspicion of the crime as they were minors but they are liable for “grave terrorism offences, including murder”. What is known is that the suspects are students of Pri Haaretz, a...