India pledges 'heavy' response to Kashmir attack that killed over 40 soldiers

A suicide bombing in Kashmir killed almost 40 Indian policemen on Thursday, with India's prime minister pledging those behind the attack will pay a "very heavy price".

UN warns food aid in Yemen at risk of rotting

The UN warned this week grains stored in the Red Sea Mills Silos in western Hodeida is at risk of rotting.

Australia to reopen detention centre after Senate passes medical evacuation bill

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister, has said that the Australian government would reopen its Christmas Island detention centre, after suffering a historic defeat in Parliament over a medical evacuations bill.

Cameroon blames separatists for hospital fire

The Cameroon government accuses separatists of setting a hospital on fire and killing four people. In a press release, the Minister of Communication and government spokesperson Rene Sadi stated, "the fire incident in Kumba District Hospital was committed by close to 20 secessionists rebels”. Separatists have rejected this assertion, stating on social media that they are "not responsible for the fire incident in the hospital”. They hold the government responsible and further accuse them of trying to tarnish their “image internationally”. Kuma is located in the Southwest region, and is home to...

Amnesty accuses Myanmar of fresh violations

Amnesty International has found Myanmar’s forces are again shelling villages and blocking civilians from accessing food and humanitarian assistance in its battle against the Arakan Army, who are fighting for more autonomy in the Rakhine state.

Protests in Madrid against Catalan independence

Tens of thousands of Spanish nationalists took to the streets in Madrid on Saturday ahead of a proposed meeting between Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Catalan separatists.

Venezuelan crisis continues 

A hospital in the Venezuelan city of Barcelona has reported that 14 children have died due to an outbreak a form of dysentery this week, as the political crisis in the country continues with two men claiming to be the country’s rightful president. Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro warned against US military intervention last week after US National Security Adviser John Bolton was pictured with a notepad signifying “5,000 thousand troops to Colombia”. “Those who march with the US flag asking for military intervention in their own country have no idea what they’re asking for,” he said. “They...

Deadline extended for Nepal’s war crimes investigation

Nepal on Wednesday extended its war crimes investigation for the third time, by passing an amendment on the Transitional Justice Act granting a one-year extension.

Calls to end British Home Office's indefinite immigration detention

A British parliamentary committee has called for an end to indefinite detention in immigration centres and for detention to be authorised independently of the Home Office. According to the Guardian, around 27,000 people a year are detained in connection with immigration and are usually held without being given a date for release or deportation. “Indefinite detention causes distress and anxiety. [It] can trigger mental illness and exacerbate mental health conditions,” a highly critical report by parliament’s joint committee on human rights (JCHR) has said. “The lack of a time limit … reduces...

Outcry after 'menstruation hut' deaths

There has been international outcry after a number of deaths of women who were banished to “menstruation huts” in Nepal. This month, 21-year-old woman, from Nepal died after being banished to a “menstruation hut” during her period. The head of police in Doti district, Lala Bahadur Dhami, told reporters that she died of suffocation after making a fire to keep herself warm. Parbati Bogati, had initially planned to spend the night on the ground floor of an abandoned house but had found that communal menstruation hut too crowded. This follows a similar incident three weeks ago in which a mother who was following the tradition and her two sons died of smoke inhalation in Bajura.