Russian mercenaries win contract to fight in Mozambique

A private Russian military group has reportedly beat off competition from American rivals to a Mozambique government contract, that will see troops take on militant Islamist groups in the country. According to a report in The Times, the Wagner Group, a privately organisation that has been reportedly been involved in conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, saw off competition from an operation owned by Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, a US private security company that has been in Iraq. At least 200 soldiers, including highly trained elite troops, and three attack helicopters are thought to be in...

Teenage protestor shot in Hong Kong

An 18-year-old protestor has been shot in the chest by Hong Kong’s security forces after violent protests in the city marked 70 years of Communist party rule in China. As a military parade took place in Beijing, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Hong Kong in one of the largest days of protest so far. Chinese flags were burnt and calls for independence were heard throughout the city, as protestors clashed with police.

Maori protests in New Zealand as UK stops short of apology for massacre

New Zealand’s Maori groups are expected to hold protests this week, as the UK stopped short of apologising for the killing of local tribesman by British Captain James Cook in 1769. Commemorations are being planned this week to mark Cook’s arrival in the country, and though the British government is set to express regret over the killings, it is reported that it will not apologise to the Maori people. British high commissioner to New Zealand, Laura Clarke is expected to “acknowledge the pain of those first encounters” between Cook the and Māori, the British high commission said in a statement...

11 Afghan police killed by Taliban

Afghan officials have reported that the Taliban have killed at least 11 police officers stationed in Afghanistan’s northern Balkh province before burning their headquarters. Following this attack, the Taliban posted a video online reporting that they had killed 30 police officials in the district and seized the guns in the police headquarters and set fire to the building. A spokesman for Balkh’s provincial government reported that the Taliban attacked the Balkh’s Shortepa district and after taking control of the police headquarters in the district set fire to it. This attack occurred on...

Three militants planning attack in Mombasa killed

Kenyan police have killed three militants who they allege were plotting an attack on the coastal city of Mombasa on a national day of celebration. The police state they killed the suspects during a raid on their house in Majengo Mapya, a suburb in the city’s south and detained seven others. The police have not identified which militant group these individuals were working on behalf of however concerns have been raised over the Islamic militant group, al Shabaab, which is based in neighbouring Somalia. Al Shabaab has launched frequent attacks against Kenya in the northern capital of Nairobi...

Suspected Mali war criminal will be brought to the ICC

International Criminal Court (ICC) judges said they would be bringing Al Hassan Ag Abdoul Aziz, an accused war criminal from Mali, to trial. Abdoul Aziz acted as the de-facto chief of Islamic police in Timbuktu during a 2012-2013 militant takeover of the city. The ICC has maintained that they have credible accusations of heinous crimes including rape, torture, sexual slavery and the directing of attacks against religious and historical buildings. No date has been set for the trial yet. Read more here .

Seven Catalan activists arrested on charges of terrorism

Seven Catalan activists were arrested under charges that they belonged to a terrorist organisation and possessed explosives on Monday. Prosecutors have alleged that those arrested were planning an attack in an effort to seek Catalan independence. The judge deciding on this case has sent the seven n arrested to preventative custody without bail on suspicion of “belonging to a terrorist organization, making and owning explosives and conspiring to cause criminal damage.” The judge further stated that jailing them was necessary as there was a risk that they could destroy evidence. Two of the...

Pakistani PM warns of nuclear war with India

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan warned of a “nightmare scenario” with India as tensions continue between the nuclear-armed neighbours continue over Kashmir. “My main reason for coming here was to meet world leaders at the UN and speak about this,” Khan told journalists at the general assembly in New York. “We are heading for a potential disaster of proportions that no one here realises... It is the only time since the Cuban crisis that two nuclear-armed countries are coming face to face. We did come to face to face in February.” Khan went on to call his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi a...

Indonesian students protest extra marital sex ban

Indonesian student's protests have entered their third day as they continue to oppose proposed reforms to the criminal code that would ban extramarital sex and penalise insulting the president. Witnesses reported that the police fired tear gas and water cannons to break up rallies in Jakarta and other cities. Reuters notes that over 300 people have been injured in these protests and that at least 200 high-school students have been arrested for not possessing a permit to protest. Read more here .

Truck explosion in Mali kills six

A tanker exploded in Bamako, the capital of Mali, has killed six people and badly wounded 46 others on Tuesday. Reuters notes that there have been no immediate connections made to Islamist groups who frequently carry out violent attacks in the north and the center of Mali. Read more here .