France announces national day marking Armenian genocide

French president, Emmanuel Macron, yesterday announced a day to remember the Armenian genocide, April 24

50 mass graves unearthed in the Democratic Republic of Congo

A UN rights group has uncovered more than 50 mass graves in the western province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mai Ndombe.

Kashmir separatists call for regional strike as Modi visits

Three separatist leaders from the Joint Resistance Leadership in Kashmir have called for a regional strike in protest at the Indian prime minister's visit on Sunday. Narendra Modi's visit is the first since the BJP pulled out of the coalition government in Kashmir. Announcing new infrastructure projects, Modi warned he would "break the back" of terrorism in the area. “I want to Kashmir’s and the entire nation that this terrorism will be forcibly dealt with. Every terrorist will be sternly dealt with. By conducting a surgical strike on Pakistan we showed our clear intentions to the world. We...

Second round of UN sponsored talks on Western Sahara self determination set for March

A second round of internationally administered official talks between the Polisario Front and Morocco to solve the 43- year old political dispute on Western Sahara’s self-determination are set to take place next month, reports Al Jazeera. The UN Special Envoy for Western Sahara, former German president Horst Koehler, told the United Nations that he planned to hold separate talks preliminary talks with all parties to prepare for a second around of official talks in March. Speaking after a meeting of the United Nations last week, German Ambasador Christoph Hesugen said, “I do see hope. The unity of the Security Council is a very important factor. This is a conflict we can resolve.

Saudi Arabia agrees to release 7 Houthi rebels in exchange for POW

Saudi Arabia has agreed to release seven Houthi rebel prisoners after a Saudi prisoner of war was released safely in Riyadh. The release of Mousa Awaji, a Saudi soldier, was initiated by the Houthi rebels who stated they they did not have the adequate medical equipment to care for his ailments. The UN welcomed the transfer and hopes that this could lead to a ceasefire in Yemen. Turki al-Maliki, a spokesperson for the Saudi-led coalition, has stated that further steps have been taken to end the detention of further prisoners. It is unlikely, however, that a ceasefire will be reached between...

UNHCR reports rise in anti-migrant rhetoric across Europe

The United Nations’ refugee agency warned of a rise in xenophobic rhetoric in Europe, despite migrant arrivals to Europe reaching a four year low in 2018 The UN High Commission for Refugees said that populist European politicians had been upholding a harsh anti-immigration position despite numbers falling from the highest numbers since World War Two in 2015. Filippo Grandi, Commissioner General of the UNHRC, added however that even if these politicians do gain power, they will likely be forced to make compromises after European Parliament elections in May. He warned that though numbers of...

India steps up deportation of Rohingya Muslims

India has engaged in an increased crackdown on border crossings from Bangladesh leading to the arrest and deportation of dozens of Rohingya Muslims this year.

UN Envoy calls for Myanmar’s army chief to be prosecuted for genocide

Yanghee Lee, a UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, publicly called for Myanmar’s army chief to be prosecuted for the Rohingya genocide, stating that holding perpetrators to account is vital before Rohingya refugees can return to Myanmar.

France rejects Chile’s request for the extradition of a leftist militant

A French court has rejected Chile’s request of extradition for a leftist militant, who was previously imprisoned over the assassination of an ally of Chile’s former dictator Augusto Pinochet. Paris’s Court of Appeals refused to extradite Ricardo Palma Salamanca in a decision made on Wednesday, following France’s Office for the Protection of Refugees (Ofpra) granting Ricardo Palma Salamanca political asylum last November, despite pleas from Chile for his extradition. Chile had imprisoned Salamanca for the murder of Senator Jaime Guzman, a key confidant of Pinochet. He was imprisoned in a...

Zimbabwe’s crackdown on protests continues

A brutal crackdown continues in Zimbabwe this week after protests against the rise in the price of fuel and other basic commodities.