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Swiss embassy employee to appear before court tomorrow

The Swiss embassy employee who was abducted and assaulted is to appear before before the Fort Magistrate's Court tomorrow. 

The victim has given statements over the course of three days to Sri Lanka's Criminal Investigations Department. She has also been produced before Colombo's Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) on two occasions. 

Both the CID and JMO will submit their reports to the court tomorrow. 

A travel ban was imposed on the victim, barring her from leaving the country until December 12. 

The victim was abducted, assaulted and then released on November 25 by unidentified men forced her to unlock her cellphone data, which contained information about Sri Lankans who have recently sought asylum in Switzerland, and the names of Sri Lankans who aided them as they fled the country because they feared for their safety after Gotabaya Rajapaksa won the presidency in elections this month," the New York Times reported. Before releasing her, they reportedly threatened to kill her if she told anyone of her ordeal.