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Sri Lanka unhappy with Indian aid allocation asks for more

The Sri Lankan government has expressed its unhappiness with the amount of India aid money it has been allocated and requested a larger amount, reports India Today.

Though Indian aid to Sri Lanka has increased from Rs 150 crores last year to Rs 250 crore, it still lags behind other coutnries such as the Maldives who have been allocated Rs 576 crore and Mauritius who will be receiving Rs 1,100 crores.

The allocation “has left Colombo feeling a trifle slighted,” said India Today.

“Colombo feels the amount is "not in keeping with its requirements" and would like aid amount to be reviewed by India,” reports the news magazine.

Mauritius is the second highest recipient of Indian aid, after Bhutan, while Maldives is at fourth place, after Nepal.

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