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Chief Minister Wigneswaran condemns deadly shooting of Tamil man by Sri Lankan police

The Chief Minister of the Northern Province has condemned the deadly shooting of a Tamil man by Sri Lankan police.

Speaking to journalists about the killing of Yogarasa Thines in Vadamaradchi, Chief Minister Wigneswaran said:

“Even if the murdered youth had done something wrong, there would have been many ways to have stopped him. They could have shot the wheels of the vehicle he was in. Or they could have informed police officers based in the opposite direction. None of this was considered and instead a young man has been shot and killed.”

“This is the wrong approach. The police officers that carried out the shooting have abused their authority.”

“To open fire on someone, there must be important reasons. The use of a gun occurs in the case of threats to security. But here guns have been used arbitrarily.”

It is also distressing that a Tamil police officer had opened fire on a fellow Tamil, the Chief Minister said.