Still searching for justice – 11th anniversary of Trinco 5 killings

On this day 11 years ago, five Tamil students were summarily executed by Sri Lanka's Special Task Force, whilst they spent an afternoon on the beach in Trincomalee.

2016 in pictures

As 2016 proved to be an eventful year world over, Tamil Guardian looks back at some significant moments in pictures

Remembering the waves - 12 years on from the tsunami

On December 26th, 2004, over 35,000 people perished during the catastrophic tsunami that hit the coasts of the North-East and South of the island of Sri Lanka.

Remembering Bala Anna 10 years on

Today marks 10 years since the passing of Anton Balasingham, the chief negotiator and political strategist of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayaram Jayalalithaa passes away

Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Jayaram Jayalalithaa has passed away on Monday evening, according to officially confirmed reports from both her AIADMK party and the hospital in Chennai where she has been receiving medical treatment. Following a prolonged hospital admission, Ms Jayalalithaa eventually succumbed to complications after suffering a cardiac arrest on Sunday evening. The influential and popular figure in Tamil Nadu politics was 68 years old. Thousands of supporters have gathered outside the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, whilst Tamil Nadu police have deployed extra security personnel...

"A symbol of endless hope" - young Tamil artists pay tribute to Maaveerar

In the run up to Maaveerar Naal, young Tamil artists took to Instagram to commemorate the thousands who gave their lives fighting in the Tamil struggle.

Tamils mark Maaveerar Naal 2016 worldwide

Thousands gather at previously destroyed thuyilum illam (LTTE resting homes) across the North-East.

Muslim Maaveerar of the Tamil Struggle

The Tamil nation, in the homeland and in the diaspora, holds steadfastly to records of the liberation struggle. The well-known dates and the lesser known dates are tirelessly observed. Heroes are canonised in the Maaveerar Naal calendar. But with the destruction of LTTE records and cemeteries, it becomes inevitable that some names are lost to us, at least momentarily. The record of Muslim fighters remains incomplete. Their contribution to the Tamil struggle for liberation is often overlooked in the mainstream commemoration of Maaveerar Naal. In this brief sample we have published, the Muslim...

Students across North-East show solidarity with Jaffna University

Students across the Tamil homeland held demonstrations on Monday, protesting against the deaths of Jaffna University students Nadarasa Kajan and Pavunraj Sulaxan and calling for justice. In Kilinochchi hundreds of students, including Tamil schoolchildren in uniform, marched on the streets waving black flags and demanding accountability for the murder of the two university students. TNA MP Sritharan was amongst the politicians who addressed the rally as it marched outside the Kilinochchi District Secretariat. Students at the Vavuniya campus of Jaffna University also held a protest outside the...

Jaffna University students shot dead by Sri Lankan police

Sri Lankan police are reported to have shot dead two Tamil students from Jaffna University on October 20th. Both students have been identified as being from the university's arts faculty. One is political science student and other one a popular film maker studying media studies. They have been identified as 23 year old Nadarasa Kajan and 24 year old Pavunraj Sulaxan.