20 years since the LTTE assault on Katunayake air force base

Today marks 20 years since a team of 14 LTTE commandos infiltrated and attacked the Sri Lankan Air Force Base in Katunayake, destroying several aircraft and causing over US$500 million worth of damage without a single civilian fatality. Remnants of the Sri Lankan military jets that were destroyed in the raid. The assault, launched to mark 18 years since the Black July pogrom, came on the back of a series of disastrous military setbacks for Sri Lanka, lurching then-president Chandrika Kumaratunga's government further into crisis. Read more about the operation in this extract from Anton...

Remembering Black July - 38 years since the pogrom

Today marks thirty-eight years since the horrors of the anti-Tamil pogrom of 1983, when thousands of Tamils were killed by Sinhala mobs backed by the then UNP government and state forces.

Remembering Ida Carmelitta 

On this week 22 years ago, Sri Lankan soldiers burst into the home of Ida Camerlitta, a 21-year-old Tamil woman, in Mannar. They gang raped her and shot her dead, in what was yet another example of horrific crimes committed by the military. To this day, the soldiers responsible for her rape and killing continue to roam free. On the 12 th of July 1999, armed Sri Lankan soldiers stormed into Ida Camerlitta’s home in Pallimunai. Her whole family, including her mother, were inside at the time. The soldiers beat and tied up some of those who were inside the home. They then proceeded to rape Ida, before shooting her dead. Her post-mortem revealed 18 injuries across her body, including injuries from sexual violence and bite wounds on her breasts and lips. She had been stabbed in the abdomen and then shot through her genitals.

Remembering the Black Tigers

21 Black Tiger elite commandos who took part in the raid on a Sri Lankan airbase in Anuradhapura, 2007 On July 5, Eelam Tamils across the world remember and mourn the sacrifices made by the LTTE's elite women and men, the Black Tigers. “Karumpuli Naal” marks the sacrifice made by the first Black Tiger, Captain Miller, or Vallipuram Vasanthan, 34 years ago.

Australian professor appeals to the UN after Sri Lanka claims terror link

Professor Lukman Thalib can still vividly remember that day his home was raided. As the head of the Department of Public Health at Qatar University and a member of the country’s Scientific Committee against Covid-19, the highly respected Australian public health professor was chairing a meeting on Zoom, when he heard his wife screaming downstairs. “I came down and there were 4 to 5 people in plain clothes inside my house,” he says. “It was as though they took over my house… We were terrified.” That evening, 27 July 2020, marked the beginning of an ordeal that spread across Qatar, Australia...

Bringing back Kfirs - Sri Lanka’s infamous warplanes to get US$50 million revamp

An Israeli weapons manufacturer announced that the Sri Lankan military has signed a new US$50 million contract this week, in a move that will see Colombo’s infamous Kfir bomber jets revamped and upgraded. Kfir jets, which have been extensively used by the Sri Lankan Air Force to carry out bombing raids across the North-East, have killed thousands of Tamils throughout the years. The use of the aircraft became so prevalent that for Tamils the name Kfir, Hebrew for "Lion Cub", became synonymous with all the aircraft used by the Sri Lankan military during attacks on the Tamil homeland.

'He was shot in the head' - Sri Lankan security forces murder Tamil man in Batticaloa

Scene of shooting - MP Sathasivam Vivalendiran House A Tamil man has been shot in the head by security forces outside of the Sri Lankan Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP Sathasivam Viyalendiran's house in Batticaloa earlier today. The incident was reported to have taken place at 5:30 pm. The victim has been identified as Mahalingam Balasundaram (34), a tipper truck driver who is said to have lived on Urani Merasa Road, Batticaloa. According to local journalists, Balasundaram was travelling in a three-wheeled rickshaw, when a confrontation arose with the ministerial security guard. The verbal...

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister meets Indian leaders and demands equality for Eelam Tamils

Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin, has met with India’s Prime Minister and the leader of the main opposition party , Sonia Gandhi, to put forwards the demands of Tamil Nadu. A key demand of which is for: “Eelam Tamils to have equal civil and political rights”

Remembering 1956 – Sri Lanka’s first Anti-Tamil pogrom

Photograph: Tamil protestors in Colombo, 1956, shortly before they were attacked by Sinhala mobs. (Courtesy Victor Ivan) This week marks 65 years since Sri Lanka’s first anti-Tamil pogroms, when government backed Sinhala mobs murdered more than 150 Tamils across the island – the first of many massacres that were to take place in the decades to come. Violence first flared as Tamil politicians protested peacefully outside the Sri Lankan parliament in Colombo, condemning the Sri Lankan Freedom Party’s (SLFP) efforts to pass the Sinhala Only Act on June 5, 1956. As hundreds of Tamils, led by the...

How a landmark British ruling may save Tamil activists from deportation to Sri Lanka

A landmark decision from a British tribunal found that Tamils who engage in a range of political activities in the United Kingdom may continue to face “a real risk of ill-treatment or harm” if deported to Sri Lanka, in a significant ruling that clarifies and expands those who may face persecution on the island. The ruling, which centred on the asylum appeal of two Tamil refugees in the UK, known as KK and RS, importantly expands the criteria of those who may be at risk in Sri Lanka, taking into account a range of activities from posting on social media, to attendance at commemorative events and even signing petitions that could be “perceived as being anti-government”.