UK court issues arrest warrant for Sri Lankan brigadier

The Westminster Magistrate’s Court has issued an arrest warrant for Brigadier Priyanka Fernando of the Sri Lankan army earlier today, having found him guilty of committing public order offences whilst stationed in London. Fernando was found guilty of violating sections 5 and 4A of the Public Order Act, with the court stating that his actions were threatening, caused harassment, and that he intended them to be so.

British MPs praise Tamils and vow to push for justice in Thai Pongal celebrations

British Tamils at the Houses of Parliament this week, celebrating Thai Pongal Thai Pongal celebrations took place across Britain this week, with parliamentarians and other politicians from across the political spectrum praising the contribution of the British Tamil community and pledging to continue work towards justice in the Tamil homeland. The British Prime Minister Theresa May said she wanted to say “thank you” to Tamils across the UK, adding that “We should all celebrate our Tamil community”. “Time and again - we see the immense contribution our Tamil community makes to the UK through...

Remembering Colonel Kittu

Today marks 26 years since the death of Sathasivam Krishnakumar alias Colonel Kittu, and nine other LTTE cadres, who committed suicide after being surrounded by Indian navy warships in 1993.

Shavendra Silva - ‘the most wanted man in Sri Lanka’

The head of Sri Lanka’s notorious 58 Division, an army unit that committed grave violations of international law during a military offensive that killed tens of thousands of Tamils, has been named as the army’s new Chief of Staff. Shavendra Silva assumed office this week after a controversial appointment to second-in-command of the army, a move that has sparked widespread condemnation. He marked taking up his post by giving offerings to Buddhist monks.

Still searching for justice - 13 years on from Trinco 5 killings

On this day 13 years ago, five Tamil students were summarily executed by Sri Lanka's Special Task Force, whilst they spent an afternoon on the beach in Trincomalee. To date no one has been held accountable for the murder. The case – known as the 'Trinco 5' – remains one of the highest profile killings in Sri Lanka to receive international attention, listed in 2014 by the then UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' report on the island as one of four ‘emblematic cases’ of the government's failure to ensure accountability and having been raised repeatedly in international forums.

2018: Year-In-Review

We look back at 2018's top news stories and significant issues through images from throughout the year.

Victims of 2004 tsunami remembered across Tamil homeland

Commemorative events were held today across the Tamil homeland to remember the 35,000 victims of the catastrophic tsunami on December 26, 2004.

Remembering Bala Anna

Today marks 12 years since the passing of the chief negotiator and political strategist of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Anton Balasingham. Balasingham, or as he was fondly known among Tamils - Bala Anna, was widely respected by the nation. His charismatic addresses drew tens of thousands, as he provided political analysis with sharp wit. Leading LTTE delegations through numerous negotiations, Bala Anna eloquently and forcefully articulated the rights of the nation. His intellectual prowess and political acumen earned him respect from all sides of the negotiating table. He remains an extraordinary theoretician and a formidable figure within the Tamil struggle. Bala anna's special relationship with the Tamil Guardian is a bond that we remain deeply proud of to this day.

500 Tamils forcibly disappeared in three days, after surrendering to army in 2009

A new study has estimated that over 500 Tamils were forcibly disappeared in just three days, after surrendering to the Sri Lankan army in May 2009. The disappeared include an elderly Tamil Catholic priest Father Francis Joseph, LTTE cadres and civilians who all surrendered to Sri Lankan troops at the time. The study commented that this event “was extraordinary by the number of people disappeared in one location and in a very brief period”.

Tamil nation marks Maaveerar Naal 2018

Thousands of Eelam Tamils worldwide commemorated Maaveerar Naal on November 27, coming together to remember and pay tribute to the Maaveerar - those who gave their lives for the struggle for liberation. Across the North-East, Tamils gathered at Thuyilum Illams (LTTE cemetries or resting homes) and memorials to light lamps and lay flowers. Families of the Maaveerar made personal tributes to their loved ones, bringing photographs and serving their favourite food.