Turkey cuts ties as France passes Genocide bill

The French National Assembly has passed a bill outlawing the denial of Genocide and war crimes that are accepted as such by the French government. The bill has to go before the Senate next year, before becoming law; however it is thought to be unlikely to be passed by the senate. The Turkish government has reacted by cutting all ties with France after Thursday’s vote.

‘I am sorry for the role I played in Fallujah’ – U.S. Marine

"It has been seven years since the end of the second siege of Fallujah – the US assault that left the city in ruins, killed thousands of civilians, and displaced hundreds of thousands more; the assault that poisoned a generation, plaguing the people who live there with cancers and their children with birth defects. "I do not see any contradiction in feeling sympathy for the dead US Marines and soldiers and at the same time feeling sympathy for the Fallujans who fell to their guns. The contradiction lies in believing that we were liberators, when in fact we oppressed the freedoms and wishes of...

Sweden 'no safe haven' - chief war crimes investigator

Swedish police have arrested a man, of both Swedish and Rwandan citizenship, who is accused of involvement in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The arrest took place on Thursday, at Bromma Airport, by Stockholm, and is the third such case since a special war crimes commission was initiated. Chief investigator, Anders Wretling, said, "We're happy to be able to give a clear signal that Sweden is no safe haven for war criminals ,"

Baluchistan solution to Pakistan problem – US former diplomat

“ The permanent solution to the Pakistan problem … lies in 20th-century history. ... The answer to the current Pakistani train wreck is to continue this natural process [of Bangladesh gaining independence from Pakistan] by recognizing Baluchistan’s legitimate claim to independence .” - M. Chris Mason, a retired diplomat and a senior fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies in Washington DC.

Hidden from the world

“Kim Jong-il, the enigmatic North Korean leader, died on a train at 8:30 a.m. Saturday in his country. Forty-eight hours later, officials in South Korea still did not know anything about it — to say nothing of Washington, where the State Department acknowledged “press reporting” of Mr. Kim’s death well after North Korean state media had already announced it.” “Asian and American intelligence services have failed before to pick up significant developments in North Korea. Pyongyang built a sprawling plant to enrich uranium that went undetected for about a year and a half until North Korean...

US extradites genocide convict to Rwanda

The United States has extradited a Rwandan convicted in absentia for her role in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. In 2009, she was sentenced for 19 years, the complicity in the murder of several children. The woman, Marie-Claire Mukeshimana, was extradited to Kigali on Wednesday. Rwanda's chief prosecutor, Martin Ngoga said, "But we have a number of more identified persons who stand accused of genocide committed in the most brutal manner and claiming so many lives, who remain on US territory," "We have a strong feeling that action against them is very slow.

Life sentence for Rwandan genocide politicians

The UN Tribunal for Rwanda has handed life sentences to two senior members of the ruling political party in the country at the time of the 1994 genocide. The sentences were imposed upon Matthieu Ngirumpatse and Edouard Karemera, for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Ngirumpatse was the chairman of Rwanda's then-ruling National Revolutionary Movement for Development (NRMD) party and Karemera was his deputy when the genocide took place. They were also charged for not having prevented or denounced crimes committed in 1994 by the party's youth wing militia, the Interahamwe. The...

Dynasty and military to rule North Korea

New leader of North Korea and military mourn the death of late leader, his father, Kim Jong-il. Photograph Reuters Reports from North Korea indicated that the country's new leader, late Kim Jong-il's youngest son, Kim Jong-un, will share power with his uncle and the military. Sources in the reclusive state have added that the military pledged its allegiance to Kim Jong-un and dismissed rumours of a military coup. Some reports state that the new leader had begun issuing orders to the military before his father's death. Power will also be shared by Jang Song-thaek, brother-in-law of the late...

US citizen extradited to Bosnia for war crimes

The United States extradited a former Bosnian soldier to face charges of war crimes in Bosnia. Edin Dzeko, now a naturalised US citizen, is accused of taking part in the mass murder of Croatian civilians in the South of Bosnia, in 1993. In a statement, the Bosnian prosecutor's office said, "Defendant Edin Dzeko was deported from the United States and handed over to Bosnia-Herzegovina authorities on December 20." See US citizen agrees to face war crimes trial in Bosnia (17 Nov 2011)

Turkey demands France withdraws Genocide bill

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has warned France of ‘grave consequence if the proposed legislation to outlaw the Armenian Genocide is passed by the French lower house of parliament on Thursday. "It is impossible for us to accept a draft law directed toward eliminating the freedom to reject unjust and groundless accusations against our country and our people," the Turkish president said in a statement issued on Tuesday. "I hope that France will soon abandon the initiative which will put France in a position of a country that does not respect freedom of expression and does not allow objective...