Chinese firm wins massive Indian order for electricity generators

A Chinese company, Shanghai Electric Co Ltd, has secured a $10bn contract to supply coal-fired generators to India’s Reliance Power Ltd, in a deal financed by Chinese banks, business press reports said. Shanghai Electric is China’s biggest power-equipment maker by market value, and Reliance Power’s order may be the world’s largest for generators, Bloomberg reported .

China-India trade to top $60 billion

Trade between China and India is expected to touch $60 billion this year. It has already crossed over $30 billion, with China having a slightly greater than 60% share of the trade. China has promised to increase imports from India in order to address the trade imbalance beteen the two countries, the Press Trust of India reported . Beijing is calling for Indian companies to invest in China and for the two countries to "develop more convergence of interests and mutual trust".

China's growth no longer export led - report

Noting that the question of what is - now - driving China’s seemingly relentless economic growth is one of significance to international policy makers and business executives alike, a leading business journal has conducted new research. Arguing that conventional wisdom of export-led growth is wrong, the McKinsey Quarterly report says : “We found that exports have been a major driver, but not one as dominant as commonly believed. Indeed, there are clear signs that a shift toward domestically driven economic growth is well under way.” The picture of the Chinese economy that emerges from this...