"I wanted the past to be very present" - Interview with Akil Kumarasamy

“Why is it so unbearable to look in the face of human vulnerability?” asks author Akil Kumarasamy, in her latest literary offering “Meet us by the Roaring Sea” - a question apt for a society grappling with a loneliness epidemic.

"The women in our lives are fighters… in every which way" - Interview with Priya Guns

In her debut novel ‘Your Driver is Waiting’, Priya Guns challenges us to rethink the lies we are told about capitalism. Following the death of her beloved Appa at his minimum wage job, Damani’s life is thrown into turmoil. Unable to put her degree to use, she keeps her family afloat, driving her late father’s old car for a ride-share company.

"You're the first Tamil Hamilton and the first Tamil Mr Burr" - An Interview with Diluckshan Jeyaratnam

Singer and songwriter Diluckshan Jeyaratnam has recently turned musical theatre actor. His onstage debut in acclaimed musical ‘Hamilton’ in Germany, playing both the titular role of Alexander Hamilton and Mr Burr, has led to a quick succession of announcements on his involvement in theatre productions ‘Avenue Q’ and ‘Wicked.’ Diluckshan will also be opening for singer Hariharan’s March 2024 concert in Germany.