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Sri Lankan minister slams US and UK ambassadors

Sri Lanka’s former minister for National Languages and Social Integration has slammed ambassadors from the United States and Britain for meeting with Sri Lanka’s speaker of parliament, reports Colombo Gazette.

Vasudeva Nanayakkara, who has been appointed by Mahinda Rajapaksa as Minister of National Integration, Reconciliation, and Official Languages, accused the UK and US of “interfering” in Sri Lanka’s affairs.

In a press release Nanayakkara said that he was “shocked” that Sri Lanka’s speaker met with diplomats from Western governments.

“In such a context I fail to comprehend your tolerance of the intrusive conduct of these Ambassadors of the US and US et al in the affairs of our state,” he said.

Nanayakkara’s comments come after both the US and UK expressed concern over the political crisis in Sri Lanka and called for the reconvening of parliament.