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Sri Lankan military official rubbishes disappearances and says ‘go and see a psychiatrist’

Sri Lanka’s Major General Udaya Perera, the former Commander of the Security Force Headquarters in Killinochchi, vehemently denied the military was involved in disappearances and said those who believed the army was keeping anyone in detention should “go and see a psychiatrist”.

Maj Gen Perera, who also held the post of Director of Operations in the military during and after the war, denied the armed forces were complicit in any disappearances.

“I can vouch and say there was no policy of such nature,” he told Al Jazeera’s 101 East.

He went on to state abductions were “never used in war, never used in post-war by the army, by the military”.

He went on to add,

“This is not a banana state. If someone thinks that Sri Lanka can hide and keep a person in today’s context, I think he should go and see a psychiatrist.”

Maj Gen Perera also held the post Sri Lanka's Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia from 2009-2011.

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