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Militarisation: Troops play tennis on occupying bases, whilst Tamils continue protest

Whilst Tamils in the North-East continue to protest for the military to leave their lands, the Sri Lankan army organised a tennis tournament at its occupying military base in the Vanni last week.

Troops from the 631 Brigade reportedly organised the tournament, which an official military website says was held “with a view to promoting comradeship, team spirit and unity among soldiers”.

The military sports tournament takes place as Tamils in Keppapulavu continue their protest, demanding the military vacate their land. The Sri Lankan security force continue to occupy vast swathes of land across the North-East, despite almost a decade passing since the end of the armed conflict on the island. Though Tamils have repeatedly called for the region to be demilitarised, tens of thousands of troops remain stationed across the North-East.