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Majority of Britons back Scotland’s independence – poll

A majority of British voters outside Scotland back Scottish independence, a poll published Sunday found.

The ComRes poll for The Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror newspapers showed that support for Scotland's independence has risen sharply in recent months.

Some 39% of adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland thought Scotland should become an independent state (up six points since May), while 38% disagree (down 4 points).

Within Scotland, 49% agree (up 11%), while 37% disagree (down 9%).

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party (SNP), which advocates independence, wants to put the matter to a referendum towards the end of the five-year term his party won in May.

SNP campaigns director Angus Robertson told AFP the poll showed there was significant support in Scotland and England

"for our nations having a new relationship of equality as two independent countries, sharing a head of state and working together as partners in Europe".

Britain's head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. She's also head of state of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a dozen other former colonies.