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HRW: Sri Lanka's Difficulty With Truth

In a statement published on Thursday, Human Rights Watch criticised the Sri Lankan governments failure to meet its promises on accountability. 

"To heal, there needs to be communication, understanding, and above all a sense of righting wrongs. In this, Sri Lanka’s Government is faltering, despite promises to its own people, as well as to the international community," the statement read. 

In a scathing assessment of the government's failure to the report by the Consultation Task Force which was tasked with delivering on the UN Human Rights Council 2015 resolution, the New York based rights organisation said, "half a year later, the Sri Lankan government has let this important initiative languish."

"Although officials travelling abroad boast about the consultation process and herald it as a signal of the Government’s determination to abide by the Human Rights Council resolution, it has completely ignored the report domestically."

"Foreign governments watching Sri Lanka’s progress on the resolution need to ask tough questions about why yet another Sri Lankan Government report is banished into silence."

Highlighting the fact that many involved with the CTF had now lost faith in the government's sincerity, HRW said, "the Government of Sri Lanka should publicly acknowledge the findings of the consultation report and ensure that its recommendations – which are nothing more than the voices of the aggrieved nationwide, across ethnic and religious lines – are appropriately implemented through robust justice mechanisms."

"This is not just so Sri Lanka can keep its commitments internationally, as it must, but to reassure its own citizens that it believes that peace includes justice, and not just the end of war."