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Buddhist ceremony at Elephant Pass to honour Sri Lankan soldier

A Sri Lankan soldier who died in the 1991 Battle of Elephant Pass was honoured with an all-night Buddhist ceremony by the military in Jaffna this week.

Several Buddhist monks and senior military figures were present at the ceremony, which took place at the Elephant Pass military camp. A monument dedicated to the soldier - Gamini Kularatne – has been constructed at the camp.

An official army website lauded the soldier’s actions during the 1991 battle.

“Hauling himself onto the armoured bulldozer, Kularatne used his grenades to kill the four-man crew, blowing up with the explosions,” it reported.

“At the commorative ceremony, all night Pririth chanting ceremony was held infront of the Gamini Kularathna monument and next day morning, Alms - giving were offered to Maha Sangha,” the website added.