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Brunel University holds ‘Breaking the Silence’ exhibition

Following on from other London university Tamil societies, Brunel Tamil Society held a 'Breaking the Silence' exhibition in November, as part of campaign to highligh the genocide of the Tamil nation.

The campaign initiative, started by university students in the aftermath of the end of the armed conflict and massive civilian casualties in 2009, is now entering its 3rd year, held in the run up to the Tamil National Remembrance Day.

At Brunel University, students from the Tamil society displayed posters made themselves on campus, during the busy lunchtime period, attracting students and faculty members alike.


A representative from Brunel Tamil Society told Tamil Guardian,

“We were able to interact with a lot of passersby, as we were located outside the main cafeteria of the campus… The Palestinian society was holding a fund raiser for Gaza and took an interest to find out about our struggle. They also offered to work together on future projects”