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‘Democracy in peril in Sri Lanka’ – The Hindu

The Hindu has slammed the current Sri Lankan president’s appointment of Mahinda Rajapaksa as “blatant abuse of his executive powers” that has “put democracy in serious peril”.

“Guided by narrow political interests, the President’s actions betray an utter disregard for the parliamentary process,” said the Hindu editorial on Monday.

“All this has come at a time of economic fragility, with a plummeting rupee, soaring unemployment and rising living costs.”

“Sri Lanka cannot afford to recede from the democratic space that opened up in 2015,” continued the editorial.

“Leaving aside the irony of Mr. Sirisena joining hands with Mr. Rajapaksa, who he had left and subsequently unseated from office, his desire to consolidate power by hook or by crook is extremely unfortunate. Though much damage has been done already, a fair vote must be ensured when Parliament reconvenes, if possible before November 16.”

Read the full text of the editorial here.