Remembering Balraj – Reserved hero

Today marks 10 years since the death of Brigadier Balraj, a senior commander with the LTTE, who passed away from a sudden heart attack in 2008. Brig. Balraj was famed for his courage, leadership and skills on the battlefield. His body was laid to rest with full military honours, at the Mulliyavalai Heroes Cemetery in Mullaitivu. The cemetery has since been destroyed by Sri Lankan security forces. Read more on the famous fighter in our piece, written at the time of this death, ‘ Reserved hero: Brigadier Balraj ’ reproduced below. In over two decades of service with the Liberation Tigers of...

Four men arrested in Jaffna by STF

Four men were arrested in Jaffna by Special Task Force officers on Sunday for alleged involvement in the 'Ava gang'. During the raid, STF officers rportedly seizured weapons, including two swords. The four men were produced before Kodkamam magistrate today.

OMP to set up 12 regional offices

Sri Lanka's Office of Missing Persons (OMP) is to establish 12 regional offives, the body's chairman, Saliya Peiris told journalists. Speaking after the OMP's second sitting in Matara on Saturday, Mr Peiris said, "the OMP is not limited to the missing in the North and it will also inquire into missing persons in the South, including 5,100 missing soldiers and police officers during the war." "There is no proper list of those who have disappeared since the 1970s and therefore, the OMP will compile an informative database to assist them during their inquiries," he was quoted by colombo Page as...

Sri Lankan minister - new laws to protect Buddhist sites

Sri Lanka's minister of Higher Education and Cultural Affairs, Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said the government was looking to introduce changes to the law to 'protect' Buddhist religious sites. The laws would give authorities the power to penalise individuals who vandalise Buddhist sites, he added. "It is incumbent for all citizens to protect these places and the president has instructed me to take action to protect them," he told journalists, the Daily Mirror reported.

Blood donation drive in Jaffna in memory of genocide victims

Members of the Tamil People's National Front (TNPF) held a blood donation drive on Sunday, in memory of those who had been killed by Sri Lankan state forces during the final stages of the armed conflict in 2009.

Muttur remembers Mullivaikkal massacre

Locals gathered in the town of Muttur in Trincomalee on Friday, to mark 9 years since tens of thousands of Tamils were massacred by Sri Lankan state forces.

Civil society gathers in Batticaloa to mark Tamil Genocide Day

Local journalists, civil society activists and students gathered in Gandhi Park in Batticaloa on Friday to remember those who were killed in Mullivaikkal 9 years ago.

Hundreds in Kilinochchi gather to remember Tamil Genocide

Hundreds of people, including school children gathered in Kilinochchi on Friday, to remember those killed by Sri Lankan state forces. TNA parliamentarian Sritharan took part in the proceedings, which saw flowers laid before a makeshift memorial.

Tamils across Australia commemorate Mullivaikkal

Events were held in Sydney, Melbourne and Western Australia on Friday marking 9 years since the massacres at Mullivaikkal, where tens of thousands of Tamils were killed by Sri Lankan state forces.

Tamil Genocide Day commemorated across Europe

Tamils across Europe commemorated Tamil Genocide day on Friday. In Switzerland Tamils gathered in town squares to remember those that were killed in the final stages of the war.