TNA compelled to leave constitutional reform process if no devolution says Siddharthan

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will be compelled to leave the Sri Lanka's constitutional reform process unless the government commits to finding a solution to the national question through further devolution, said the Dharmalingam Siddharthan. "If the Government abandoned the idea of finding a solution for the National question, we won't be part of the Constitution making process and we would be compelled to leave it," Mr Siddharthan was quoted by the Sunday Times as saying. "We have a mandate from the people for a federal constitution with the merger of North and East to resolve the...

Navy officer remanded over disappearance of two Tamils

A Navy officer, Lieutenant Commander Mapa Mudiyanselage Dhammikka Anila Mapa, was remanded on Monday over the disappearance and abduction of two Tamils in 2009, Vaduveli Pakkilasamy Loganathan and Ratnasamy Paramanandan. The officer was working with the navy intelligence wing at the time, the Daily Mirror reported. He has been remanded until January 26. A complaint was previously filed with the CID by Mr Loganathan's wife. Both men were athe time employed by the Colombo Municipal Council. On January 11, 2009 they left for Wellampitiya in a van and were not seen since.

Former LTTE cadre arrested by TID

A former LTTE cadre was arrested on Saturday evening by the Terrorism Investigation Department. Murugaiyah Thavendran from Thiruvaiyaaru, Kilinochchi, a former cadre that had been through Sri Lanka's 'rehabilitation' process, was arrested by persons identifying as TID police. Mr Thavendran's whereabouts are currently unknown to his family, who have filed reports with Kilinochchi police and the Kilinochchi citizen's committee.

Never federalism, Sirisena tells the South

Sirisena’s government will never agree to a federal solution, the Sri Lankan president stated at a gathering. Addressing a political gathering in Galle on Saturday, the president said “my government will never agree to grant federalism in this country”. The president accused some parts of the media of abusing press freedom and spreading misinformation, including rumours that GSP+ was being restored to Sri Lanka to pave the way for federalism.

Govt says no to state of emergency changes and decriminalisation of homosexuality

The Sri Lankan government on Friday rejected changes called for by the European Union as part of a programme of commitment enabling the preferential trade tarrif GSP+ to be granted. Despite calls for homosexuality to be decriminalised and for a two-thirds parliamentary majority needed to approve the introduction of a state of emergency, the government has dropped these two changes in its five year, National Human Rights Action Plan (NHAP), the reported. According to the paper, the changes were dropped at a meeting chaired by the prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe on Friday,...

Canadian prime minister wishes Happy Thai Pongal

The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday marked the Tamil harvest festival of Thai Pongal, with a special video message of celebration.

Pongal kite festival in Valvettithurai

Valvettithurai's annual Pongal kite-flying festival took place on Uthayasuriyan beach today, with hundreds in attendance.

Military professes to hand over Oorani Fishing Anchor Point but directs displaced fishermen to less suitable area

In a ceremony in Thyiddy, Jaffna today, the military professed to hand over a 2-acre Oorani Fishing Anchor Point to fishermen who have been displaced from the area for 27 years, but instead gave over a new unconstructed anchor point which is in a rocky area unsuitable for docking and launching fishing boats. The 4 pre-existing anchor points in Oorani still remain under military control. The ceremony heavily featured the military and displays of Sinhala culture, and included an address by the Secretary to the Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation, Mr. Sivagnanasothy, as part of...

Bilateral talks to strengthen ties between Ontario and Northern Province

Chief Minister Wigneswaran met with Ontario's Premier on Wednesday to discuss strengthening the relationship between the Northern Province and Ontario. Ontario's Premier, Kathleen Wynne, told the Chief Minister that Ontario was interested in strengthening the relationship between the North and Ontario, including to strengthen support for the Northern Province in economic development, women's empowerment, institutional governance and public sector capacity building. A press release from Premier Wynne's office stated: The Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, hosted The Honourable...

GSP+ restoration a 'victory' for Sri Lanka - Ranil

Sri Lanka's prime minister said moves to restore European Union trade concessions were a victory for his government and for "all of Sri Lanka", after the European Commission recommended reinstating the GSP+. "The government's commitment over the last two years, towards protecting human rights is now bearing results," declared the prime minister. The GSP+ was revoked from Sri Lanka under the previous government. The move will allow Sri Lanka to gain a wider access to the European market noted the prime minister. He went on to thank the "many people who committed their time and worked...