Jaffna Uni students pay tribute at suspended Mullivaikkal memorial

Jaffna University students held a memorial yesterday evening at the suspended Mullivaikkal monument on campus.

As North-East mourns, Sri Lankan Army takes Tamil preschools around Palali base on Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day

Children from two Tamil preschools were taken around the Jaffna Security Force Headquarters in the occupied high security zone of Palali, yesterday on Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day, which Tamils across the North-East observed as a day of mourning.

Tamils remember 2009 genocide at Mullivaikkal memorial ground

Tamils gathered at Mullivaikkal memorial ground today to remember the tens of thousands slaughtered during the final stages of the armed conflict. Holding photos of their loved ones, families, students, faith leaders and NPC members gathered at the grounds to light candles and lay flowers.

Underlying factors behind Sri Lanka’s history of violence remain unaddressed - PEARL

People For Equality and Relief in Sri Lanka (PEARL) condemned Western governments for failing to act on Sri Lanka’s “empty commitments and meaningless platitudes" and reiterated the need for an international justice mechanism, expressing solidarity with Tamils across the globe commemorate Tamil Genocide Day. “To expect justice to come from domestic mechanisms under these conditions is at best naïve. The Sri Lankan state will not even allow the survivors to commemorate atrocity victims freely, let alone provide accountability for their deaths. But the Tamil people remember, and resist. Nine...

Sampanthan remembers Mullivaikkal massacre in Trinco

The Tamil National Alliance leader R Sampanthan held a small event to remember the Mullivakkal massacre. Lighting a flame, Mr Sampanthan and fellow party members held a moment's silence in memory of those who had been killed.

Vavuniya remembers massacre at Mullivaikkal

Tamils gathered in Vavuniya today, to mark 9 years since the genocide at Mullivaikkal.

Tamils in Mannar remember Mullivaikkal genocide

Tamils in Mannar held a commemoration ceremony this morning, marking 9 years since the massacre at Mullivaikkal.

Amnesty International calls on Sri Lanka to release comprehensive list of Tamils that surrendered at end of armed conflict

Amnesty International called on Sri Lanka to release a comprehensive list of Tamil civilians and cadres that surrendered to Sri Lanka’s armed forces during the final phases of the ethnic conflict. “The mass disappearance of those who surrendered at the end of the war is a clear indication of the institutionalization of the practice of enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka. The State’s concealment of the fate, whereabouts and information of the disappeared person triggers criminal responsibility,” said the rights organisation in a press release on May 18. Noting the case of Father Francis who...

Canadian PM calls for accountability in message of remembrance on May 18

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for “a process of accountability that has the trust and confidence of the survivors” in a message issued to mark 9 years since the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka. “The war – which lasted over 26 years – resulted in immeasurable injuries, loss of life, and displacement,” said Mr Trudeau. “The wounds of this war linger as the survivors seek answers for their loss, including family members and loved ones who have disappeared.” “Over the past nine years, I have met many Tamil-Canadians personally affected by the war. Their stories are a solemn...

Sri Lanka's army commander commends 'war heroes' who 'rescued Tamil civilians' and defended 'country's unitary status'

In a statement released yesterday, Sri Lanka’s commander of the Army Mahesh Senanayake payed tribute to “War heroes who defended the motherland” and “rescued thousands of innocent Tamil civilians,” whilst “protecting the country’s unitary status.” Lieutenant General Senenayake outlined the launch of a “special programme” to commemorate Sri Lanka’s armed force that “sacrificed their tomorrow.. defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unitary status of Sri Lanka.” He added, "Nine years have passed by 19 May 2018 since the eradication of terrorism from our soil." The Army Commander's...