Sri Lankan navy arrests 7 Tamil Nadu fishermen

The Sri Lankan navy arrested seven Tamil Nadu fishermen on Thursday in the latest round of arrests of Indian fishermen. The men were arrested for allegedly poaching in waters off the coast of Thalaimannar. The fishermen have been handed over to the Assistant Director of Fisheries in Mannar for legal action.

Brigadier Fernando - my gesture was to show 'it's all over'

Sri Lanka's Defence Attache who was filmed motioning the slitting of one's throat to Tamils protesting in London on Sunday said his gesture was to indicate 'it's all over'. “I only showed them it’s all over from my gesture, When I showed the Sri Lanka badge it was to tell them this your land not Tamil Eelam," he told the Sinhala language paper Riviru in an interview.

EU adds Sri Lanka to money laundering blacklist

The European Commission this week added Sri Lanka to its blacklist of countries at risk of money laundering. The move came following a vote in the European parliament on Wednesday, with 357 votes in support of the motion, 283 against and 26 abstentions. Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobago were also added to the list. Read more here .

Sri Lankan minister denounces ‘fake letter’ on brigadier suspension

Sri Lanka’s Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera has denounced a letter that has been circulating on social media calling for the suspension of Sri Lanka's Defence Attache to London as “fake”. In a tweet on Thursday, Mr Samaraweera said the letter was produced by the “Rajapaksa clan” and said it had been reported to the CID to “bring the perpetrators to justice”. He also published an image of the alleged letter, which states that Brigadier Priyanka Fernando would be suspended and “court-martialled as soon as he arrives in Sri Lanka” after he was filmed making a throat-slitting gesture to...

TNPF candidate attacked in Vadamarachchi

A TNPF candidate in Vadamarachchi was assaulted on Wednesday night. K. Kiritharan, a candidate for the Vadamarachchi South West divisional council (prathesa sabai) was attacked on Wednesday night and hospitalised with head injuries.

Tamil students in South harassed by seniors and prevented from going home to vote

Tamil first year students studying at southern universities have reported harassment from Sinhalese seniors who are preventing them from going home to vote. The Tamil students said that they were being targeted for extreme ‘ragging’ by senior Sinhalese students who were harassing them and preventing them from going to their home districts to vote in the local elections.

British MPs joins call for expulsion of Sri Lankan brigadier

The MP for Kingston and Surbiton, Ed Davey on Thursday joined fellow UK parliamentarians in calling for Sri Lanka's Defence Attache to be expelled after he was filmed making a throat slitting gesture to Tamils protesting in London. In a letter to the foreign secretary, Mr Davey said, "I share the view that you should withdraw Brigadier Priyanka Fernando's diplomatic papers and immediately expel him from this country". Describing the incident, Mr Davey said the gesture "was clearly meant to intimidate the British Tamils who were peacefully protesting." "This threatening behaviour came from a...

Sri Lankan ministers praise brigadier filmed making death threat to Tamils

Sri Lankan ministers today came out in support of Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, the country's Defence Attache to London who was filmed making a throat slitting gesture to Tamils protesting outside the Sri Lankan High Commission on Sunday, just days after his suspension was revoked by the Sri Lankan president. Sri Lanka's State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardene praised Brigadier Fernando for giving what he described as the "right signal the pro-LTTE diaspora". “My preference is for Brigadier Fernando as he had given the right signal to pro LTTE Diaspora,” Mr Wijewardene was quoted by the...

Sri Lankan army chief says no inquiry into Brigadier Fernando

The Sri Lankan army commander on Wednesday rejected the possibility of an inquiry into the country's Defence Attache, Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, after he was filmed making a throat slitting gesture to Tamil protesters, claiming that he had only been explaining that the LTTE leader had been 'taken care of' by the military. "On the day of the incident the protesters who were carrying LTTE flags had shouted slogans against the Sri Lankan government and sung songs in praise of Prabhakaran," Commander Mahesh Senananayake said. "The Brigadier who was standing inside the premises of the Sri Lankan...

Sri Lankan military ramps up security presence for local elections

The Sri Lankan military will be deployed to 155 “vulnerable points” during the upcoming local government elections with thousands of troops awaiting on standby, reports the Daily News. Sri Lankan Military Spokesperson Brigadier Sumith Atapattu said 855 security personnel would be deployed from today onwards, though it is unclear where the “vulnerable” points are. In addition to the hundreds of troops to be deployed, a further 6,200 would be kept “on standby” said the spokesperson “to respond to any situation as required”.