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Malnourished injured Tamil civilians await aid in No Fire Zone Photo:Tamilnet
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Tamil Guardian 24 April 2014
Rajapaksa: no hurry to hold elections early, unless opposition wishes

Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa said Thursday he is no hurry to hold snap elections next year, but is ready to do so if the opposition requested it. See Colombo Gazette’s report here

Speaking to newspaper editors at a breakfast meeting, Mr. Rajapaksa said his term did not end till 2016, but he was prepared to hold presidential or general elections if the United National Party (UNP) formally requested it.

“I will need to ask the opposition leader what election he wants first,” the President said, jokingly.

Mr. Rajapaksa is in his second term but in 2010 his government amended the constitution to abolish a two-term limit and allow presidents to seek re-election any number of times.

Tamil Guardian 24 April 2014
‘Imperative duty’ of states to suppress terrorist funding from diaspora, says Sri Lanka

External Affairs Minister GL Peiris today hosted a “comprehensive briefing” about the government’s claim of an “LTTE revival” for international diplomats in Colombo, calling on states to take action against organisations that were recently banned by the government and suppress terrorist funding activities, according to a statement released by the official government news website.

The minister said at the briefing, which he held alongside the Chief of National Intelligence Major General Kapila Hendawitharana from the Ministry of Defence, that there was compelling evidence regarding the remittance of considerable sums of money from overseas for terrorist activity.

Tamil Guardian 24 April 2014
Don't use Buddha’s image inappropriately - President Rajapaksa

The president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa has directed media organisations in the country to inform the population to desist from using images of the Buddha, printed on their media, for general purposes, reported the Daily Mirror.

The directive came after the head of the Asgiriya Chapter, Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha called on the president to stop print media from publishing pictures of Buddha or set guidelines to ensure the printed images are not used in an inappropriate manner, according to the Daily News.

The Buddhist leader said during a meeting with Rajapaksa last Thursday that printed material, bearing the image of Buddha, were used as serviettes in restaurants and to wrap consumer goods by traders, noting that this amounted to sacrilege.

Tamil Guardian 24 April 2014
SL turns down British request to legalise gay marriage

The Sri Lankan government has rejected a request by the British government to legalise gay marriage on the island, reported Colombo Gazette.

Speaking to newspaper editors in Colombo, Economic Affairs Minister Basil Rajapaksa said that Britain had put it forward in the form of a condition to receive British aid, but that the government was not prepared to agree to the request.

Tamil Guardian 24 April 2014
Attempted rape of German tourist in Sri Lanka

A German tourist was the victim of an attempted rape in Hatton on Monday, police said according to Ceylon Today.

The 30 year old woman was on holiday with her husband and was staying in a guest house, when an employee attempted to rape her while she was sleeping, she told police.

The employee was arrested on Tuesday and charged with the attempted rape, according to police.

Sexual assaults on tourists increase in Sri Lanka (31 March 2014)

Australian student raped by tourist guide in South (26 January 2014)

Tamil Guardian 24 April 2014
5 years today - UN confirms at least 20000 casualties, LTTE calls for international aid, Sri Lanka rejects aid envoy
24 April 2009 - UN confirms at least 20000 casualties, SL rejects aid envoy

United Nations documents confirmed that at least 6500 civilians had died and 14000 wounded over the previous three months, reported The Guardian.

UN officials told The Guardian that April had seen at least 2000 civilians killed and an increasing rate of death.

The Internal Review Panel Report on Sri Lanka, published by the UN in 2012 estimated the total civilian death toll to be around 70,000.

The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon announced the dispatch of a humanitarian team to the conflict zone. The UN announcement was immediately rejected by Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who said,

“It is not a sensible thing at the moment. There is a civilian rescue operation going on in the area and allowing aid agencies inside the conflict zone is not matching with the ground realities."

24 April 2009 - LTTE call on international community to provide aid for over 165000 starving civilians

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), in a statement  to the international community ,said that over 165000 Tamil civilians faced a humanitarian disaster due to denial of food and humanitarian supplies by the Sri Lankan government, and urged actors to ensure that immediate and continuous aid to the Tamil civilians.

See full statement here.


Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
Prisoner dies after being attacked by guard - Jaffna
A prisoner who was attacked by a guard at Jaffna prison has died from his injuries today, reported Uthayan and Tamilwin.

The prisoner, identified as 56 year old Krishnaswamy Balakrishnacettiyar, was attacked on April 20, and admitted to Jaffna hospital with head injuries.

The guard involved in the incident has been suspended, sources at the prison told Uthayan at the time.

Jaffna police have launched an investigation into the incident, the Virakesari reported.

Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
Another arrest over Tamil Eelam posters
A third man has been arrested in Jaffna by Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) officers in connection with posters reading 'Tamil Eelam will blossom' that alleged appeared by Jaffna Hindu College last week, the Uthayan reported.

Rajaratnam Sutharshan, a 30 year old owner of a computer centre on Manippai road was arrested last Wednesday, accused of helping to produce the poster.

Police allege that evidence of him having printed the posters was found on his computer. His computer centre has been sealed shut.

Last week two 24 year old men, Manmatharasa Venuganthan and Jeyathasan Kajanan, were arrested.

Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
Wigneswaran hits out at President Rajapaksa over failed pledges

Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran has hit out at President Mahinda Rajapaksa for failing to honour pledges made regarding the NPC, reported Ceylon Today.

Speaking at the Kilinochchi District Development Committee, which ended without resolution according to the Uthayan, Wigneswaran said that the president has not met several pledges that he made regarding the “successful governance” of the provincial council, but instead the government has been trying to take “the upper hand”.

"The Provincial Council system was introduced to devolve powers to the provinces under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. However, the Central Government is attempting to tighten its grip over the Provincial Councils.

"Since powers were not devolved to the NPC, I met Rajapaksa in Colombo on 2 January and explained to him the need of devolving powers to the NPC.

"He made several pledges to me on the successful governance of the NPC. However, he has not done anything so far to fulfil those pledges.

Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
CPA files complaint over state media report alleging LTTE support

A leading Colombo-based think tank, the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), has filed a complaint before Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Commission against a state-owned television network over a news broadcast last July which claimed the CPA had organised a meeting in support of the LTTE. The complaint is to be heard Thursday.

Independent Television Network (ITN) launched in April 1979 as a private company, was taken over by the Sri Lankan government in June 1979 and declared a Government Owned Public Company in April 1992.

The complaint filed by CPA and its executive director, Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, against ITN and its chairman, Rosmand Senaratne, concerns a Sinhala language news broadcast on 14 July 2013.

The broadcast claimed CPA and Dr. Saravanamuttu organised a meeting in Ampara that day to "further the interests of the LTTE" and that the meeting was cut short due to the intervention of Buddhist clergy and public of the area.

Stating "no employee of CPA or its Executive Director organized or was present at any meeting in Ampara on 14th July 2013," the complaint said "the language used by ITN in its news item was incendiary and it intentionally distorted the facts with the aim to arouse public opinion against CPA and its Executive Director and lower their standing in the eyes of the public."


Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
BBS calls for Bishop Rayappu’s arrest

The Sri Lankan government should take legal action against the Bishop of Mannar Rayappu Joseph for “helping the LTTE”, the Bodu Bala Sena said according to The Island.

"If the government had the backbone and if its conscience was clear it should without hesitation arrest the Mannar Bishop for atrocities committed by the now defunct terrorist outfit," Gnanasara said.

The General Secretary of the Buddhist group, thought to be close to defence secretary Gothabhaya Rajapaksa, warned President Rajapaksa that the BBS was protecting Buddhism from religious extremists and other elements who wanted to wipe out the religion from the island.

Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
25y old single mother found hanging in Kaaththaankudi

The body of a 25 year old single mother was found in Kaaththaankudi, the Uthayan reported.

The body which was found hanging with her feet touching the house according to police, has been sent to Batticaloa hospital for a post-mortem.

The family of the woman, who has not been identified have demanded that a full investigation be carried out.

Kaaththaankudi police are treating the death as suspicious.

Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
South Korea commends 'tremendous' post-conflict progress in Sri Lanka
A South Korean envoy, after visiting Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa, noted ‘tremendous’ post-conflict progress , reports ColomboPage.

The South-Korean envoy further commended the Sri Lankan government on establishing a Presidential Commission on Missing Persons, and emphasised its commitment to maintain strong bilateral relations with Sri Lanka.

“We will do our best to help your government develop,” said the South Korean special envoy.
Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
Australia grateful for Sri Lanka’s efforts to curb boat-arrivals

Four months after the last boat from Sri Lanka carrying potential refugees arrived in Australia, the country’s Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has expressed Australia’s gratitude to Sri Lanka for acting to curb “illegal” boat arrivals, reported The Australian.

Speaking at a joint Sri Lanka-Australia security conference on transnational crime in Canberra, attended by representatives of the Defence, army, navy and customs of both countries, Morrison said that the relationship between the countries could be broadened.

“[I]n just over six months, we have ensured that we are stopping the boats and we are being true to our promises, we are doing exactly what we said we would do and it is having exactly the effect we said it would have.”

“We must apply the same focus and co-operation that we have achieved on people-smuggling to the broader challenge of transnational crime,” the minister said.

Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
Teacher arrested for preparing ‘pro-LTTE’ posters

An IT teacher in Jaffna was arrested by the Terrorist Investigation Department on Saturday, accused of “preparing posters, leaflets and documents for reviving the LTTE”, Hiru News reported.

The man, said to be a former member of the LTTE, worked in Maanipay and his computers and laptops have been taken for investigation, said police spokesperson Ajith Rohana.

Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
Easter celebrated in Northeast amidst militarisation

Easter mass in a church in Trincomalee (Picture: Tamil Guardian)

Tamil Christians across the Northeast celebrated Easter amidst continuing militarisation and intensifying oppression.

Easter masses were held across the Tamil homeland, with thousands of Tamils attending churches of all Christian denominations.

“The turnout at churches was good, considering the threatening environment that has once again engulfed the Tamil homeland,” a source from the Tamil Christian community, speaking on conditions of anonymity, told the Tamil Guardian.

“Militarisation is stifling normal civilian life. On Sunday, local Tamils expressed to me their unease in venturing out even for mass, due to the presence of Sri Lankan soldiers on the streets.”

“But Easter is a time of hope and renewal and we use this period to reflect on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and our own tribulations. We are going through our own trials, but we live in hope that normalisation and a political solution will come one day,” the source said.

Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
Army takes over public land in PTK, local economy affected says NPC member
The Sri Lankan Army has taken over public land in Pudhukudiyiruppu over the site of the public market, the Northern Provincial Council member Dr S. Sivamohan was cited in the Tamil Mirror as saying.

"The army is making financial profit, by setting up their shops in a land that is used by the public for trade," Dr Sivamohan said.

He further explained:
"Our people, with no marketing platform to market their agricultural products, are subject to difficulties. I severely condemn these activities which will result in even more harm to civilian activities."

"This affects the livelihoods of our people very badly, who suffered by the war, have only been resettled in their lands recently and are gradually getting involved in farming activities in an attempt to improve themselves financially."


Tamil Guardian 21 April 2014
Bishops denied access to Tamil political prisoners on Easter

The Bishop of Mannar Rayappu Joseph has been denied access to visit Tamil political prisoners over Easter, as customary in the Catholic Church, the Uthayan reported.

Bishop Rayappu Joseph who was accompanied by the Bishop of Anuradhapura to visit the Tamil detainees in Anuradhapura prison, received permission for the visit from the ministry responsible for prisons.

However the bishops were informed that a senior official in the Ministry of Defence has revoked the permission and access was particularly denied to the Bishop of Mannar.

"On this holy day, which promotes peace and teaches humanity, this incident has saddened us. When travelling towards genuine reconciliation obstacles as these incidents do have an impact. Personnel involved must clarify the reason for denying access to us," said Bishop Rayappu Joseph.


 International Affairs
Tamil Guardian 24 April 2014
Polling day begins in Tamil Nadu in Lok Sabha election
00:45 BST

Tamil Nadu goes to the polls today in India's Lok Sabha election, in the third stage of the country's staggered election process.

Voting for the 39 parliamentary seats will take place across all 39 Tamil Nadu constituencies in one single day.

Polling is also taking place in constituencies in ten other states across the country, including Assam, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

Votes will be counted on May 16.


Tamil Guardian 24 April 2014
China and India in joint naval drills

War ships from the Indian fleet took part in drills with the Chinese Navy to celebrate its 65th anniversary, off the coast of China.

Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei also took part in the drills, codenamed ‘Maritime Cooperation 2014’, organised by the People’s Liberation Army.

The drills were aimed at enhancing mutual understanding, trust and friendship among the maritime forces and promoting their cooperation in safeguarding maritime security to better respond to emergencies, the PTI reported.

This is the second time the Indian frigate Shivalik visited a Chinese port, after last year’s goodwill visit to Shanghai, alongside three other Indian ships.

Indian Ambassador to China Ashok K. Kantha held a reception on the frigate, and over 1,500 people, including 400 Chinese Naval cadets, visited the ship.

Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
Catalan president vows to hold independence referendum this year
Catalonia’s president announced today his decision to go ahead with an independence referendum, after seeing little progress in addressing economic and political grievances with Madrid, reports the Financial Times.
“We will never give up on the option of reaching an agreement with Madird. But at the moment such an agreement is very unlikely. They are saying no to almost everything (we have asked for)”, said President Artur Mas.
The referendum on Catalonia’s political future is due to take place in November.

Dispelling criticism from the Spanish government that the referendum was unconstitutional and emphasising the need for Catalns to decide their own future, Mas further said,
“I see myself more as the president of the referendum that than the president of independence. There is no greater frustration in a democracy than wanting to vote but not being able to vote."
Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
Ethnic South Sudan massacres condemned
South Sudanese rebels were responsible for the death of over 400 ethnically targeted civilians in the past week said the UN mission in South Sudan today.

The mission, in a statement released today, condemned the targeting of civilians based on their ethnic origin in the city of Bentiu.

The statement further condemned the use of local radio stations to broadcast hate speech against ethnic groups in the region.

The United States called the massacre an “abomination” and called on government and rebel forces to bring those responsible for the killings to justice, reports AlJazeera.

Condemning the rebel actions,the White House, in a statement, said,

“Images and accounts of the attacks shock the conscience: stacks of bodies found dead inside a mosque, patients murdered at a hospital, and dozens more shot and killed in the streets and at a church - apparently due to their ethnicity and nationality - while hate speech was broadcast on local radio. Bulldozers have buried the dead in mass graves, and the number of people seeking protection at the UN camp in Bentiu has grown from 8,000 to more than 22,000 in two weeks.”

Armed men attacked the UN camps last week killing at least 48 people.

See related article:
South Sudan rebels unmoved as UNSC condemns massacre as war crime (20 April 2014)
Tamil Guardian 23 April 2014
Palestine unites, peace-talks with Israel falter
The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) today, singed a unity pact with Hamas, which looks to form a united government within five weeks of national elections in 6 months time, reports Reuters.  

The unity deal is thought to have a damaging impact in the already failing US sponsored peace-talks between Palestine and Israel, reports the BBC.

Commenting on the PLO President Abbas’ decision to sign a unity deal with Hamas, the Israeli Prime Minister, said,
“You can have one but not the other. I hope he chooses peace, so far he hasn’t done so. Whoever chooses Hamas does not want peace.”

The US state department expressed disappointment over President Abbas’ decision.

Responding to criticism over the PA’s decision to reconcile with Hamas, Mr Abbas said,

“There is no incompatibility between reconciliation and the talks.”

Welcoming the new agreement, the Prime Minister of the Hammas led government in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, said,

“This is the good news we tell our people. The era of division is over.”

Hamas, an organisation proscribed by the US and EU, had been in conflict with President Abbas’ Palestinian Authority, after it took control of Gaza to form a rival governance.
Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
Campaigning brought to close as Tamil Nadu gets ready for Thursday polls
Electoral campaigning, apart from door to door campaigning by no more than five at a time, drew to a close on Tuesday as Tamil Nadu got ready for election day on Thursday.

The legislation which prohibits the unlawful assembly of more than five persons, prevents any campaigning through electronic media, public meetings or rallies.

The prohibition which began at 6pm on Tuesday will be in force until 6am on Thursday. 

"Based on the general feedback and to check money distribution and to maintain law and order by preventing violent clashes between the members of political parties, the prohibitory order will be issued," the officer, Praveen Kumar, was quoted by the Times of India as saying.


Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
Syrian elections will damage chances of political solution says international community
The international community today condemned the Syrian government’s plans to hold elections this summer on June 3 2014, reports the BBC.

The United Nations Secretary General, deemed the election problematic, warning that it could spoil efforts to end the 3 year civil war.

A state department spokesperson warning of the dangers of elections amidst oppression said,
“Calling for a de-facto referendum rings especially hollow now as the regime continues to massacre the very electorate it purports to represent.”
He further warned that it would “damage political process and hamper the prospects for a political solution."
Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
US to continue engagement with India, irrespective of election outcome

The US will continue to engage with India on key issues, whichever party comes to power, a senior US official told the Press Trust of India.

The US government has issued instructions across all departments to identify key areas that they would like to take up with the new Indian government after the elections, the official said, adding that relations with India “transcend” personalities and political parties.

"Let's see what the Indian voters decide... Once the Indian voters decide and we have a government then I will be able to tell you how we are engaging that government. But I will tell you, whatever the Indian voters decide, whatever government comes to power, the US will engage that government, because we have long-term biding national strategic and economic interest in India." the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"On foreign affairs you would see a very great desire by the United States to continue its coordination with India in the neighbourhood, and in the broader region around India going west and going east,

Tamil Guardian 22 April 2014
US warns of action against Burma's ethnic violence, Kachin rebels call for US involvement in peacetalks
The US assistant secretary of state for east-Asia warned that the US was prepared to take action against Burma should they continue to block international NGO’s from working in the Rhakine state, reports The Guardian today.

Speaking after a two week visit to Burma, Daniel Russell said,

“The fact that we have a stake in the success of the government and the reform efforts doesn’t mean that we pull punches. The crux of my message was: the whole world is watching.”

Meanwhile the last remaining rebel group based in the Rhakine region , the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), called on the US to take a leading role in peace-talks to secure fundamental rights that guaranteed a future for minorities.

The deputy commander in chief of the KIA, Gun Maw, told Reuters that he had expressed his views to US officials during their visit to Burma.

“We would like to have the US present at the peace process as witness, so this agreement will become strong. At present, p we are still asking the US to be involved. Whether they will be we don’t know yet,” said Gun Maw.

The Kachin rebels are set to hold another round of talks with the Burmese government next month, in attempts to end over 3 years of fighting.
Tamil Guardian 21 April 2014
Congo grants amnesty to first set of M23 rebels
Congo confirmed the first batch of former M23 rebels that would receive amnesty in line with an agreement adopted last year, reports the Associated Press.

The Congolese Justice Ministry announced that roughly 50 people who were involved with the M23 at the final stages of the conflict last year would be granted amnesty.  The ministry said that it was considering amnesties on a case by case basis.

See related article:

DRC signs peace deal with M23 rebels (12 Dec 2013)
Tamil Guardian 21 April 2014
US senate lawmakers call for stringent financial sanctions against Russia
Members of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations called for further business-aimed sanctions against Russia, as pro-Russian separatists continue to occupy key buildings in eastern parts of Ukraine and a strong Russian military presence remains on the border.

The Senators said that the US must apply pressure on Gazprom and other financial arms of Russia if Russia does not take clear steps to de-escalate the situation, reports Reuters.

Responding to rumours of further sanctions, Russia’s ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak, warned that sanctions would spark a revival of ‘Cold War mentality.’

“We can withstand pressures’” he said.
Tamil Guardian 21 April 2014
Chinese investment in Taiwan plummets by 90%
Chinese investment in Taiwan registered a 90% drop in the first quarter of the financial year reports the Central News Agency (CNA).

The Economic Affairs’ Investment Commission noted that Chinese investment in Taiwan was 90.83% lower than last year.

The drop in Chinese investment comes amidst strong protests by Taiwanese activists against an impending trade deal between China and Taiwan, which activists say will increase China’s influence in Taiwan.

See related article:

Taiwanese demonstrators vow to continue fight against trade deals with China (10 April 2014)
Tamil Guardian 20 April 2014
South Sudan rebels unmoved as UNSC condemns massacre as war crime
South Sudanese rebels who recently attacked a United Nations compound, killing dozens of civilians, defended their actions and said they would continue their offensive in the oil producing area to deny the government revenue to engage Ugandan troops and Sudanese militias. See The Independent’s report.

The rebel leadership also warned that if South Sudan’s President, Salva Kir, failed to negotiate with them, opposition forces would take their fight to the capital to depose him.

The UN Security Council met to discuss the massacre at the compound in Bor, which left at least 48 dead, and warned it could constitute a war crime. The US and EU, in a joint statement, condemned “these atrocities in the strongest terms”.
“There has been a direct targeted killing of people based on nothing else except their identity,” the local UN humanitarian co-ordinator said, calling for the UN and non-governmental organisations to “reinforce their ability” in the region.
Meanwhile, the UN Secretary General’s Deputy Special Representative to the country, Toby Lanzer, says South Sudan is on the brink of the worst outbreak of starvation since the 1980s.

See related articles:
Civilians will be protected in South Sudan says UN mission (09 April 2014)

UN camp attacked in South Sudan (18 April 2014)
Tamil Guardian 20 April 2014
Philippine government to collaborate with MILF to combat abductions
The Philippine government and the Islamic rebel group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) announced today that they would collaborate to reduce the amount of kidnappings occurring in the south of the country.
The government negotiator said that the MILF would meet with them again next week, to discuss details of an agreement that would help Filipino troops capture kidnappers and outlaws operating in territories controlled by the MILF.

Kidnappings of teachers, village leaders and journalists have seen a spike in recent years with over 100 cases recorded in the last three years.

The MILF last month signed an autonomy deal with the government last week ending one of the longest civil conflicts in modern times.

MILF agrees historic territorial peace deal with government of Philippines (20 April 2009)
Tamil Guardian 20 April 2014
Boko Haram claims responsibility for Nigeria bombings
The leader of Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the bombing of the capital Abuja last week, reports CNN.

A man claiming to the be the leader, Abubakar Shekau, asserting that  the bomb attack was due to the Nigerian government’s collaboration with the United states, warned of further violence.

“This is a prelude” said the man.
The Boko Haram movement, whose name means ‘western education is a sin’, is also suspected of being responsible for the recent kidnapping of over 100 schoolchildren.

Human Rights Watch claims that over 3000 people have been killed in Boko-Haram related violence in the past 5 years. The Boko Haram group was proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the Unite States government last year.

See related articles:

Bomb blast kills scores in Nigeria, president vows to end terrorism as AU and UN Security Council condemn (14 April 2014)

Schoolchildren abducted in north-east Nigeria (15 April 2014)
Tamil Guardian 20 April 2014
CAR on brink of genocide warns Desmond Tutu
The Central African Republic is close to facing genocide warned Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in a statement released by the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation today.

“The country stands on the brink of genocide; some would say it has already commenced,” said Tutu in the statement.

The Archbishop stressed that that the people of the CAR had to play a key role in finding sustainable peace.
He further warned that struggles for power over the last year had degenerated into “anarchy, hatred and ethnic cleansing.”

See related Article:

UN Security Council to authorise strengthened peacekeeping force in CAR (09 April 2014)
Tamil Guardian 19 April 2014
India to join Chinese naval exercise, US pulls out after Japan excluded
India is sending a stealth frigate to participate in an international fleet review and maritime exercise hosted by the Chinese Navy on April 23, which the United States declining to join after Japan was excluded from the event. See The Hindu’s report.

 The Indian Embassy in Beijing said in a statement the visit by INS Shivalik "highlights the friendly exchanges and bilateral defence cooperation" between India and China.

 China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy is hosting the event in the northeastern port of Qingdao, the headquarters of its North Sea fleet, as it prepares to mark its 65th anniversary with great fanfare. President Xi Jinping is expected to presided over the celebrations.

 At least 10 countries have so far confirmed their participation, including India, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Indonesia and Pakistan, according to a provisional list.

 With India and Pakistan taking part, the review and exercise will also provide a rare instance of both countries jointly taking part in a naval exercise, the paper said.

 The event will take place along with the annual meeting of the Western Pacific Naval Symposium (WPNS) – a US-established grouping of 20 countries, including Australia, Canada, Russia, Japan, South Korea and China, and three observers - India, Bangladesh and Mexico.

China invited Japan's Navy chief to attend the WPNS, but excluded Japan from the international fleet review and exercise.


Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera said last week it was "unfortunate that China took such an approach", which follows rising tensions over disputed East China Sea islands.

Tamil Guardian 19 April 2014
Interpol chief vows to pursue genocide perpetrators

Rwanda in partnership with Interpol hosted an international meeting this week to discuss strategies against ideologies that lead to genocide

 Participants in the April 14 - 16 meet included national law enforcement and judicial authorities as well as experts from Interpol member countries, representatives of international organisations, civil society organisations, academia and the media.

 Speaking on genocide fugitives still at large, Secretary General of Interpol, Mr Ronald Noble said: "No matter how long it takes, all fugitives of genocide crimes will be brought to justice wherever they are."


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