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Tamil Guardian 30 July 2016
Vali North IDPs angered as Sri Lankan army plays cricket on occupied land

Residents of Valikaamam North, many of whom have been displaced for over two decades, complained this week that the Sri Lankan army not only continues to occupy their land, but is using it to play cricket.

The 1 acre of land has been converted into a sports ground and is situated adjacent to Kankesanthurai Nateswara College which was recently released by the president, Maithripala Sirisena.

"Do they require our own lands to play cricket?" one displaced Tamil, who wished to remain anonymous said. 


Tamil Guardian 30 July 2016
Sushma chairs meeting on fishermen arrests
India's external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday chaired a meeting with Tamil Nadu and Kerala regional authorities and fishing groups, aimed at finding a permanent solution to the ongoing arrests of Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan navy.

“External Affairs Minister chaired a meeting of internal stakeholders earlier today afternoon to discuss the way forward towards a permanent solution to the fishermen issue between India and Sri Lanka,” the minister of external affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup was reported by the The Indian Express as saying. 

"The discussions between stakeholders on the Indian side focused on different aspects requiring attention, including the livelihood concerns of Indian fishermen and introduction of sustainable fishing practices,” he added.


Tamil Guardian 30 July 2016
Sri Lanka cannot investigate itself - speakers at Black July event

Remembering the pogrom of over 3000 Tamils by Sri Lankan state sponsored mobs in 1983 British Tamils, academics, journalists and activists at a Black July remembrance event in London on Monday reiterated the need for international judges in any accountability mechanism in Sri Lanka.

Speaking at the event organised by the British Tamils Forum (BTF), entitled 'Black July 1983 - Not the beginning but a continuation of Tamil Genocide', the director of 'No Fire Zone' documentary, Callum Macrae, the human rights activist, Ruki Fernando and a barrister at Mansfield Chambers, Shivani Jegarajah, highlighted Sri Lanka's long history of impunity for crimes against the Tamil people.


Tamil Guardian 29 July 2016
Canadian FM discusses international involvement with Ranil
Canada's foreign minister, Stephane Dion discussed international involvement in any accountability mechanism with the Sri Lankan prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe.

"Spoke w/ @RW_UNP on int’l involvement in accountability processes, women in politics & regional issues," Mr Dion tweeted on Thursday evening.

The discussion comes after the Sri Lankan president, Maithripala Sirisena reiterated his rejection of any foreign judges in any accountability mechanism.

Mr Dion is currently visiting Sri Lanka and has met with a number of people, including his counterpart, Mangala Samaraweera, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the chief minister of the northern province, C V Wigneswaran.

Tamil Guardian 29 July 2016
Canadian foreign minister meets with Wigneswaran and TNA

Canada's foreign minister, Stephane Dion who is currently visiting Sri Lanka met with the chief minister of the northern province, C V Wigneswaran on Friday.

On Thursday, Mr Dion met with the Tamil National Alliance leader, R Sampanthan, and spokesperson, M A Sumanthiran on Thursday to discuss progress on political solution.

Tamil Guardian 29 July 2016
Indian fishermen allege inhumane treatment by Sri Lankan navy
Seventy-seven Tamil Nadu fishermen who were held in detention by the Sri Lankan navy and released on Thursday, allege they were treated inhumanely by the Sri Lankan navy, the New Indian Express reported.

“We were fishing near the IMBL when the Lankan Navy personnel arrested us. We were lodged at Jaffna Prison and treated in an inhumane manner. They provided us stale food and threatened to take us to Pakistan," one fishermen told the paper.

See here for more.

Tamil Guardian 28 July 2016
Plainclothes police and intelligence officers deployed at Jaffna University

Plainclothes police and Sri Lankan intelligence officers have been deployed at Jaffna University said a senior police official, following clashes between Sinhala and Tamil students at the campus last week.

Inspector General Pujitha Jayasundera told the Divaina that security in Jaffna would be maintained.

In addition to officers in civvies, we have deployed a large number of officers within the Jaffna university,” he said.

He added that intelligence officers had also been deployed in order to provide “security to Sinhala students”.

This is the first instance of Sri Lankan police officials admitting to the use of plainclothes and intelligence officers at the campus reports JDS.


Tamil Guardian 28 July 2016
Singapore looks to Jaffna as it signs trade agreements with Colombo

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said his government was looking to expand relations beyond Colombo and reach out to Jaffna, after signing a series of free trade agreements with Sri Lanka earlier this month.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was on an official three day visit to Singapore last week, where he signed “four Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), and a Joint Statement between the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore and the Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade of Sri Lanka to launch negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement”, according to Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Prime Minister Loong though said his country wanted to go beyond Colombo, stating Sri Lanka can be a gateway “to the Indian Ocean region for Singapore companies”.

During a lunch held to mark Mr WIckremesinghe’s visit Mr Loong highlighted how “since the 19th century, Singapore’s small but vibrant Sri Lankan community has contributed significantly to our development”.

He went on to point out that “Jaffna Tamils in the Straits Settlements’ civil service helped to lay the foundation for Singapore’s administrative and government services”.


Tamil Guardian 28 July 2016
Canada tells Sri Lanka 'much remains to be accomplished'
The Canadian foreign minister on Thursday told the Sri Lankan government that "much remains to be accomplished" on the implementation of the UNHRC resolution.

Mr Stephane Dion, who is currently visiting Sri Lanka, was quoted by Colombo Page as saying at a press conference after a meeting with his counterpart, Mangala Samaraweera,

"We welcome the initial steps taken by your government to implement this Resolution, and we note the progress made toward constitutional reforms. In particular, we note the public commitment for the establishment of the Office of Missing Persons, and the release of some lands in militarized zones. However, much more remains to be accomplished."

Noting the importance of international involvement in accountability and reconciliation mechanism, Mr Dion said Canada was ready to aid livelihood projects in conflict affected areas.

"We encourage your government to take advantage of this momentum to move forward on other reforms, including those to strengthen good governance and economic stability. It is clear that delays in the implementation of these critical reforms are not in the public interest," he added.

Tamil Guardian 28 July 2016
Paranagama report ready
The report of the presidential commission investigating cases of missing persons in Sri Lanka, headed by Maxwell Paranagama is ready to be given to the president, Ceylon Today reported.

Mr Paranagama told the paper that he had written to the president, Maithripala Sirisena for a date and time to present the report.

Stating that the commission had received 20,000 complaints from the North-East, he reportedly told the paper, "about 4,500 complaints of those 20,000 are duplicate complaints."

"From among the remaining 15,500 complaints, we held oral inquiries into 6,400 complaints by visiting the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Another 750 complaints were handed over to the investigating team so that inquiries could be continued. The investigating team in fact had only 9 months to inquire into those complaints."
Tamil Guardian 27 July 2016
Sri Lankan soldiers acquitted over massacre of Tamils

Outside of the courtroom following the acquittal announcement.

Six former Sri Lankan army corporals were acquitted by a Sri Lankan court today over the rape and massacre of 24 Tamil civilians in Kumarapuram in 1996.

The Sri Lankan soldiers were standing on trial over the involvement in the killings, which took place in the village in southern Trincomalee on the 11th of February 1996. Several women and children among the murdered and two young girls were raped before they were killed.


Tamil Guardian 27 July 2016
India to grant $318m to improve Sri Lanka's railways
India is to grant Sri Lanka a $318 million loan to improve rail connections.

Sri Lankan minister Gayantha Karunathilake said the signal system connection Anuradhapura to Omanthai, and Maho to Anuradhapura would be improved, as well as buying six new air conditioned carriages, 10 engines and 160 carriages.

See here and here.

Tamil Guardian 27 July 2016
Special economic zones for China and India
The Sri Lankan government is to set up special economic zones for China and India, the minister for international trade and strategic development, Malik Samarawickrama said on Tuesday.

“Indians will be setting up pharmaceutical and auto-parts industries in their zone. The Chinese have asked for 55 sq km (15, 000 acres) of land in the Hambantota area in the Southern Province for their zone, and we are in the process of acquiring the land. When developed, this area will generate one million jobs,” Mr Samarawickrama was quoted as saying by the Daily News.

The site for India's zone will be discussed during talks next week with Indian officials on the Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement (ETCA), the news site reported.


Tamil Guardian 27 July 2016
Tamil and Sinhala students ordered before court over Jaffna University clash

Tamil and Sinhala students have been ordered to appear before the Jaffna judicial Magistrate court over charges related to a clash at Jaffna University last week.

A total of 4 Sinhala and 4 Tamil students appeared on charge sheets issued by Magistrate C Satheeskaran on Tuesday, based on a complaint filed by Koppai Police.

The Tamil students have been ordered to appear based on a complaint lodged by Sinhala students who were injured in the clash and are currently receiving treatment at a hospital in the southern capital Colombo.

Meanwhile after a complaint raised by the Jaffna student's union chairman at the Koppai police station, 4 Sinhala students names have also appeared on the charge sheet.


Tamil Guardian 26 July 2016
Braving threats, Tamil fishermen return to Kokkilai


Tamil fishermen have returned to setting up business in Kokkilai in Mullaitivu, over the weekend, braving threats from Sinhala Buddhist monks and police officers.

The fishermen were threated last week and had their equipment destroyed, forcing them to flee from Kokkilai, astensions rose in the area.


Following a complaint to the Sri Lankan government divisional secretary by Northern Provincial Council member T Ravikaran, a ‘Kottu’ permission deed was issued to the Tamil fishermen, reaffirming their right to conduct business in the area.


Tamil Guardian 26 July 2016
ICRC calls on Sri Lanka to release list of disappeared
The International Committee of the Red Cross in a report released on Tuesday called on Sir Lankan authorities to “consolidate a national list of missing persons.”

“Living With uncertainty: Needs of The Families of Missing Persons in Sri Lanka,” outlined the findings of a Families’ Needs Assessments over the course of a year, and consisted of 395 semi structured interviews, 17 focus-group discussions in 11 different districts and meetings with stakeholders including government agencies.

The report found that 38% of the disappearances recorded happened between 2007 and 2009.

During their interviews, the ICRC found strong calls for justice, acknowledgment by the government and a memorialisation process that was led by families of the disappeared.

See full report here.

Tamil Guardian 26 July 2016
Couple dead and toddler injured after collision in Kilinochchi


A couple have died and their 2 year old child seriously injured after a collision in Kilinochchi on Monday, reports Hiru News.

A private bus travelling from Colombo to Jaffna collided with the motorbike on which the family were travelling.

The toddler is reported to be in a serious condition.

Tamil Guardian 26 July 2016
Black July pogrom commemorated in Jaffna


The 33rd anniversary the Black July pogrom that claimed thousands of Tamil lives was commemorated in Jaffna this week.


 International Affairs
Tamil Guardian 30 July 2016
Former Chad president ordered to pay compensation to thousands of victims

Chad's former president must compensate victims who suffered under his rule a court, set-up by Extraordinary African Chambers, in Dakar has ruled.

Hissène Habré was sentenced to life in prison in May after being convicted of war crimes, rape, sexual slavery and crimes against humanity, all committed during his rule between 1982 and 1990.

Victims of sexual violence and rape will be awarded over 30,000 USD each; victims of arbitrary detention, torture, prisoners and survivors of war over 25,000 USD each; and families of victims around 17,000USD.

“Today’s decision is a significant step in enabling the victims of crimes in the case against Hissène Habré to move on with their lives,” said Erica Bussey Amnesty International Senior Legal Advisor Africa.

“It is also a victory for the victims of human rights violations all over the world as it demonstrates the urgent need for reparation even when decades have passed since the crimes were committed.”

Read more from Amnesty International here.

See more on the case from Chambres Africains Extraordinaires (French).

Tamil Guardian 28 July 2016
Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria breaks away from al-Qaeda

The leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, a militant jihadist group in Syria, announced that the organisation will be breaking away from al-Qaeda and changing its name, in a move designed to halt attacks from the US-led coalition in Syria.

The group, also known as the al-Nusra Front, announced the decision in a video released on Thursday.

“We have stopped operating under the name of Nusra Front and formed a new body ... This new formation has no ties with any foreign party,” said leader Abu Mohamed al-Jolani, stating his organisation would now be called Jabhat Fatah al-Sham – the front for the liberation of al-Sham.

The move was an attempt “to remove the excuse used by the international community – spearheaded by America and Russia – to bombard and displace Muslims in the Levant: that they are targeting the Nusra Front, which is associated with al-Qaeda”, he said.

Al-Qaeda appear to have sanctioned the move with their leader Ayman al-Zawahri, giving Nusra his blessings. Jolani thanked him in his announcement for putting Syrian concerns ahead of organisational differences.

The United States responded by saying the organisation, which has been proscribed as a terrorist group by Washington, remains a legitimate military target.

“We're gonna have to wait and see," said State Department spokesperson John Kirby. "We judge a group by what they do, not by what they call themselves."

The Guardian quoted a British official as also saying the group poses a threat to security.

“They have learned a lot from al-Qaida in that they play a much longer game than Isis,” the official said. “They do community outreach better, and they bring people along better. They are very patient.” 

Tamil Guardian 27 July 2016
Libya summons French ambassador after secret mission deaths

The Libyan government has summoned the French ambassador after Paris confirmed the deaths of three of its soldiers on a secret mission near Benghazi last week.

French president François Hollande confirmed the deaths last Wednesday, saying France was “carrying out dangerous intelligence operations there”. “Three of our soldiers who were taking part in those operations have lost their lives,” he said.

“Libya is going through dangerous instability and it’s a few hundred kilometres from European coasts,” he added.

The acknowledgement that French Special Forces are conducting operations in the country angered Libya’s UN-backed government, who released a statement saying it “considered the French presence in Libya's eastern region as a breach of international norms and sovereignty which it rejects".

Since the news protests have taken place against both the French presence and the Libyan government in Tripoli and Misrata.

Tamil Guardian 27 July 2016
Dozens killed as IS blast targets Kurdish security headquarters
At least forty-four people have been killed after Islamic State (IS) militants bombed a building in the Kurdish-controlled city of Qamishli on Wednesday.

A truck bomb exploded in the city, in an attack that was apparently targeted at the Kurdish security headquarters.

More than 100 people have been wounded in the blast, which was so alrge it caused windows to shatter on buildings across the border in Turkey.

A Kurdish group known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has been battling IS in northern Syrian, and are currently launching an offensive against the group in nearby Aleppo.

See more from the BBC here.
Tamil Guardian 27 July 2016
US supports resumption of dialogue over South China Sea territorial dispute
The US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed support to the resumption of talks between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea dispute, which saw an international court rule in favour of the Philippines.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration, based in The Hague, ruled in favour of the Philippines which has been in a long standing territorial dispute with China over ownership of maritime regions in the South China Sea.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the US secretary of state to lend his support for bilateral talks to restart between the Manila and Beijing on Monday., reports Reuters.

Speaking at a press conference after discussions with China’s foreign Minister, US Secretary of State John Kerry said,

“The foreign minister said the time has come to move away from public tensions and turn the page. And we agree with that.. no claimant should be acting in a way that is provocative, no claimant should take steps that wind up raising tensions.”
Tamil Guardian 26 July 2016
Thailand activists charged with ‘defamation’ after releasing torture report

Thailand has charged three human rights activists with “criminal defamation” after the release of a report documenting torture by the Thai military in the south of the country.

The three activists Pornpen Khongkachonkiet, Anchana Heemmina and Somchai Homlaor published their report based on 54 survivor accounts of torture whilst in military custody. They now face prison sentences.

Khongkachonkiet also serves as the chairperson of Amnesty International in Thailand.~

Amnesty International secretary general Salil Shetty said the charges were "a cruel paradox that they are harassing activists for exposing the abhorrent practice".

See more from the BBC here.

Tamil Guardian 26 July 2016
Islamic State claim attack in France
The Islamic state has claimed responsiblity over an attack in Rouen, France on Tuesday, which left an elderly priest dead and another individual severely injured.

Two men attacked the priest with a knife a church in the northern French town, whilst taking another 5 people hostage. Both attackers were later shot dead by French police.

The French president Francois Hollande condemned the attack stating the country would "use all its means" to defeat IS.

"We are put to the test yet again," Mr Hollande said. "The threat remains very high."
Tamil Guardian 25 July 2016
Polish MPs label massacres by Ukrainian nationalists a genocide

Poland's parliament passed a resolution on Friday, determining that the massacre of over 100,000 Poles by Ukrainian nationalists during World War II was a genocide.

“The victims of the crimes committed in the 1940s by Ukrainian nationalists were not duly commemorated, and the mass murder was not defined as genocide in accordance with the historical truth," said the resolution, which was passed by a vote of 432-1.

The move immediately drew a reaction from Kiev, with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expressing "regret" over the resolution. He went on to invoke Christian teachings, calling for people to “forgive and ask for forgiveness” whilst saying more was needed to be done in order to “determine all the facts of this tragic page of our joint history”.


Tamil Guardian 23 July 2016
Karadzic appeals genocide conviction
The former Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic appealed his 40 year sentence for genocide and war crimes committed during the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

Claiming he "was subjected to a political trial that was simply designed to confirm the demonization of him and the Bosnian Serb people" by the UN war crimes court, Mr Karadzic made his appeal on Friday.

"Having spent eight years in a UN prison and gone through a five-year trial... Karadzic is convinced that international justice is a failed project," his lawyer, Peter Robsinson said on Friday.


Tamil Guardian 23 July 2016
Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul bombing
The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a bombing in the Afghan capital of Kabul, which killed at least 61 people and wounded more than 200 on Saturday.

The attack targeted a protest march by ethnic Hazara Shiites, who were demonstrating against discrimination that they face.

It was condemned by Afghan President Ashrag Ghani and by the Taliban, who denied any involvement in the bombing.

The IS-linked Amaq news agency though claimed that two IS fighters were responsible for the explosions.
Tamil Guardian 22 July 2016
EU slams Turkey's 'unacceptable' mass round up

The European Union (EU) has criticised the Turkish government's mass arrests in the wake of a failed coup last week, calling the moves “unacceptable”.

A statement by High Representative Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn said the whilst the EU condemned the attempted coup, it was following developments in the country “very closely and with concern”.

More than 50,000 Turkish state employees have been arrested or sacked, including members of the judiciary, media and academia, as President Erdogan rounded up those he accused of being complicit with the coup plotters.

Turkey's parliament also approved a state of emergency bill, which deputy prime minister, Numan Kurtulmuş said will lead his government to “derogate the European convention on human rights insofar as it does not conflict with its international obligations”.


Tamil Guardian 19 July 2016
Serbia set benchmarks on war crimes prosecutions to join EU
The EU told Serbia on Monday that it must meet certain benchmarks around the prosecution of war crimes in order to work towards membership of the European Union.

In a document which laid out the terms on which further chapters in Serbia's negotiations around EU membership are set out, the EU said, "Serbia needs to engage “in meaningful regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations in handling of war crimes by avoiding conflicts of jurisdictions and ensuring that war crimes are prosecuted without any discrimination."

“All outstanding issues in this regard must be fully resolved,” the document added.

See more here.

Tamil Guardian 19 July 2016
US-led airstrikes kill civilians in Syria claim activists
Airstrikes by a US-led coalition on territory held by the Islamic State (IS) have resulted in the deaths of at least 56 civilians on Tuesday according to Syrian opposition activists.

The villages of Tokhar and Hoshariyeh in the IS stronghold of Manbij has been the subject of an offensive by Kurdish militants backed by a US-led coalition for several weeks, reports the New York Times.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated at least 56 civilians, including 11 children, were killed in the strikes, whilst IS linked media claims the number is as high as 160.

Meanwhile Amnesty International claimed that more than 100 civilians have been killed in airstrikes around Manbij since June.

"There must be a prompt, independent and transparent investigation to determine what happened, who was responsible, and how to avoid further needless loss of civilian life," said Magdalena Mughrabi, interim Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International.

"Anyone responsible for violations of international humanitarian law must be brought to justice and victims and their families should receive full reparation".
Tamil Guardian 19 July 2016
African Union agrees to deploy forces in South Sudan
Leaders from the African Union have backed plans to deploy 12,000 troops in South Sudan, after weeks of fighting in the country between rival factions.

Representatives from the African Union agreed to have troops from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and Uganda deployed in the country – a move that South Sudan has opposed.

Speaking to the BBC, South Sudan's Information Minister, Michael Makuei Lueth said his government was “not ready for a deployment of even a single additional soldier”. "That does not solve the problem," he continued, adding "As a sovereign state… this thing cannot be imposed on us without our consent".

However AU Peace and Security Commissioner Smail Chergui said “African troops are ready to engage in very difficult situations" and "they are there where there is peace to keep”.

See more from VoA here and the BBC here.
Tamil Guardian 17 July 2016
Bahrain court dissolves main Shi'ite opposition party, seizes funds
Bahrain’s court dissolved the main Shi’ite opposition group al-Wefaq and liquidated the organisation’s funds reports Reuters.

Amidst a deepening environment of cracking down on decent, Bahrain’s court found the group’s political activities had deviated towards incitement to violence and the encouragement of mass protests and sit-ins that could lead to sectarian strife.

Media organisations in Bahrain reported that the group’s funds would be seized by the state treasury.
 The decision comes amidst a rising climate of protests against the Sunni-led government.

Appeasement is no answer to brutal suppression of civil liberties – FT on Bahrain (26 Jun 2016)

Tamil Guardian 16 July 2016
Kurdish Peshmerga and US military sign MoU
US and Kurdish officials signed a memorandum of understanding this week, which “includes provisions of military support to the Peshmerga forces," according to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

The US acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Elissa Slotkin met with Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani and acting Minister of Peshmerga Affairs Karim Sinjari, with whom she signed the memorandum with on Tuesday.

Amongst the topics discussed in talks were “the importance and urgency of the liberation of Mosul” and the role of Peshmerga forces in the fight against Islamic State.

“President Barzani expressed his appreciation to the American people and the US administration for their support to the Kurdistan Region and for leading the collective effort to eliminate terrorism,” concluded the KRG.
Tamil Guardian 16 July 2016
Newspaper offices and television stations shut down by authorities in Kashmir amidst rising protests
Authorities in Indian controlled Kashmir seized newspapers and shut down cable television in attempts to quash mobilisation which has seen protests over the killing of Kashmiri separatist commander Burhan Wani.

A Kashmir government minister, who commented remained anonymous, told Reuters that,

“the clamp down was necessitated as Pakistani channels that are beamed through cable television network have launched a campaign aimed at fomenting trouble. Some newspapers were also sensationalising the violence. We will take a decision on (their) restoration after July 19.”

Over 36 people have been killed with 3,100 wounded in the recent protests after police fired on demonstrators.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif said he was shocked by the killing of Wani and civilians. India’s foreign ministry said on Friday that it was dismayed by Pakistan’s attempt to ‘interfere in our internal matters.’

Indian troops fire on Kashmir protesters and cut internet in crackdown (09 Jul 2016)
Tamil Guardian 16 July 2016
Erdogan returns to Turkey after 'coup'

A military coup in Turkey appears to have failed as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned to the country after attempting to seek asylum in Europe.

The army faction had announced that it was in control of the country but was met on the streets by protests and supporters of Erdogan.

The opposition, including the pro-Kurdish HDP, bitterly opposed to Erdogan, have denounced the coup attempt.

See more on the BBC.

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