British MPs call for expulsion of Sri Lankan military official

British parliamentarians from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils have called for the expulsion of a Sri Lankan military official who motioned a death threat to Tamil protestors in London this week. Joan Ryan and Siobhain McDonagh wrote a letter to the British Foreign Secretary stating that the official, identified as the Sri Lankan High Commission’s defence attaché Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, was filmed “repeatedly running a finger across his throat – signaling the slitting of one’s neck – in an obvious attempt to intimidate the Tamil people who were present”. “This is...

Sri Lankan court further remands Tamils over Facebook post

A court in Sri Lanka has ordered that two Tamils accused of sharing a Facebook post containing 'LTTE symbols'. The two men, named as Dinesh Kumar and Vijaya Kumar by Ceylon Today, have now been remanded until 7th of February. They were arrested by Sri Lanka’s Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) for the social media post.

Sri Lankan officer that threatened Tamil protestors implicated in war crimes

A Sri Lankan military officer who motioned a death threat to Tamil protestors in London yesterday has been identified as a commander who led troops in a military offensive in 2009, that massacred tens of thousands of Tamil civilians.

Massive military parade marks Independence Day in Colombo

A military parade was held in Colombo to mark Sri Lanka’s 70 th Independence Day yesterday, with thousands of soldiers marching alongside heavy weaponry.

US calls for greater progress on accountability in Sri Lankan Independence Day message

The United States called for greater progress on accountability in the coming year in its celebratory message marking Sri Lanka's 70th anniversary of independence. "In 2015, Sri Lankan voters chose a new government that pledged transparency, reconciliation, and accountability. We look forward to even greater progress on these areas in the coming year, along with increased peace, prosperity, and further growth in our bilateral relations," Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State said. The celebrations surrounding Independence Day have been dismissed as irrelevant by Tamils who state they are...

TNA uses LTTE imagery on election leaflet

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) used imagery associated with the LTTE and the struggle for Tamil Eelam on its election leaflets ahead of the local polls this month. In a pamphlet distributed this month, the senior TNA figure, and leader of ITAK, Mavai Senathirajah was promoted with a photograph of his face on the background of the Tamil Eelam flag. The TNA has been criticised over previous election campaigns for highlighted its historic ties to the LTTE in order to win over voters, however distancing itself from the armed resistance group after elections.

No celebration of independence for Tamils amid Sinhala hegemony - CV Wigneswaran

The chief minister of the Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran said Tamils did not celebration Sri Lanka's Independence Day as they continued to live under Sinhala hegemony and domination. "We feel the celebration of Independence from the Britishers has lost its signficance due to our coming under the domination and hegemony of the sinhalese," Mr Wigneswaran said to the press when asked about his stance on the celebrations. "Until we obtain real devolution of power under a Federal Constitution we cannot retrieve our lost rights in full. Hence how could you expect us as Tamils to celebrate the...

Panel in Washington discusses transitional justice in Sri Lanka

A panel event on mass atrocities discussed the lack of progress made by Sri Lanka in the realm of transitional justice, in Washington DC last week.

Sri Lankan military official motions death threat to Tamils protesting in London

A uniformed Sri Lankan officer motioned a death threat to Tamils in London today, who were protesting against Sri Lanka's celebration of Independence Day. The officer ran a finger across his neck motioning the slitting of one's neck, whilst he stood in front of the Sri Lankan High Commission in London, next to embassy officials.

Police attempt to stop Keppapilavu families from holding black flag protest

Sri Lankan police officers tried to stop families in Keppapilavu who have been holding a continuous protest against land occupation by the military, from marking Sri Lanka's Independence Day with black flags. The families who have been protesting for 339 days today, carried black flags and placards condemning the celebration of 'Independence Day' whilst they said Tamils were denied their freedom. "We detest it and we oppose it," the families said. As they attempted to hold a demonstration in front of the Keppapilavu army base, Sri Lankan police officers ordered them to stop. The army closed...