Shops remains shut as businesses remember Mullivaikkal massacre

Businesses across the North-East remained shut this morning to mark May 18 as 'Tamil Genocide Day', remembering the tens of thousands of Tamils massacred by the Sri Lankan state during the end of the armed conflict in 2009. Traders in Puthukudiyiruppu closed their shops and set up a memorial for the victims with black bunting and flowers in memory of the lives lost.

Jaffna uni students set off on motorbike procession to Mullivaikkal

Students at the University of Jaffna gathered outside its grounds this morning before embarking on a motorbike procession in memory of the tens of thousands of Tamils slaughtered by Sri Lankan state forces at the end of the armed conflict in 2009.

Flowers scattered at Nandikadal lagoon in memory of tens of thousands massacred

Marking Tamil Genocide Day, the Northern Provincial Council member, T Ravikaran scattered flowers across Nandikadal lagoon at sunrise. The Northern Provincial Council has declared today as a day of mourning for the Tamil people.

British opposition leader commits Tamil issues to election manifesto, commemorates Mullivaikkal genocide

The leader of the British opposition Jeremy Corbyn committed to including fundamental Tamil issues in any future election manifesto whilst speaking at a Tamil genocide memorial event, organised by Tamils for Labour. The remembrance event, which took place on Wednesday at the Houses of Parliament, was chaired by Sen Kandiah of Tamils for Labour and Siobhain McDonagh MP. Speaking at the Mullivaikkal massacre remembrance event Mr Corbyn said, “If there isn’t truth, justice, reconciliation. There isn’t of the rights of people (Tamil) to determine their own future then problems are being laid...

Human bones found in Mannar excavation site

Human bones have been found in an excavation site on Wednesday in Mannar after work began to erect a new entrance way in the town. The bones were first discovered within sand that had been excavated from the site and sold on to local residents earlier this year.

Music in memory of Mullivaikkal victims released by TNPF and Jaffna Uni students

An album with songs paying tribute to the victims of the final stages of the war was released on Mullivaikkal beach on Thursday.

Businessman shot at in Mannar, alleges police helped culprits escape

A Mannar businessman, who narrowly survived serious injury after being shot at by a gang of 8 men today, has alleged that police officers called to the scene helped the culprits escape. Mr Jaysuthasan Swamipillai said 8 men arrived to his home at 9pm on Thursday evening by car and attempted to shoot at him. After missing the aim, the men tried to run away in their vehicle however the engine was not starting. Mr Jaysuthasan called the police during this time. However, when the police officers arrived they helped the men restart their car and allowed them to escape before investigating the crime scene, he told reporters.

Mullivaikkal Week marked in the East by students and locals

The penultimate day of Mullivaikkal Week was marked in various places in the East on Thursday.

Military intimidates families of missing youth during Jaffna court hearing

Families of 24 missing Tamil youth were left in fear following a court hearing in Jaffna on Wednesday after Sri Lankan military intelligence officers dressed in plain clothes filled the court room and surrounded family members as they left the building. The hearing was regarding the disappearance of 24 Tamil youths who were arrested by army officers from the Navatkuli in 1996. They have not been seen since.

Wigneswaran checks on preparations at Mullivaikkal memorial ground

The chief minister of the northern province, C V Wigneswaran and his team visited the Mullivaikkal memorial ground on Wednesday afternoon to check on preparations ahead of the Tamil genocide remembrance event planned for May 18. Former LTTE cadres, students from North-East universities, Northern Provincial Council members and local residents have spent recent days helping to clear and prepare the site ahead of tomorrow.