Tamil politicians, civil society and families of disappeared meet ahead of UN session

Tamil political parties, civil society representatives and families of the disappeared came together to discuss accountability and justice, in attempts to reach a common position ahead of the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva later this year.

Hundreds of British Tamil organisations call for an independent international investigation into Tamil genocide

Over 250 British Tamil organisations have called on the British government to sponsor a resolution at the 46 th UN Human Rights Council session, this March, which established an “International Independent Investigative Mechanism” to investigate war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan military including the charge of genocide against the Tamil people. The cosponsored letter highlighted that almost 12 years have passed since the end of the armed conflict and “successive governments of Sri Lanka […] continue to deny that any crimes were committed on the part of the Sri Lankan state and prevent...

Still searching for justice - 15 years on from Trinco 5 killings

On this day 15 years ago, five Tamil students were summarily executed by Sri Lanka's Special Task Force, whilst they spent an afternoon on the beach in Trincomalee. To date no one has been held accountable for the murder.

2020 wrapped up in photos

England confirms controversial cricket tour to Sri Lanka despite boycott calls

England’s cricket team confirmed it will be embarking on a tour to Sri Lanka next month, where members will be spending five days at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium, amidst fears over deteriorating human rights on the island and growing calls from anti-racism campaigners for a sporting boycott.

Remembering Bala Anna

Today marks 14 years since the passing of the chief negotiator and political strategist of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Anton Balasingham. Balasingham, or as he was fondly known among Tamils - Bala Anna, was widely respected and adored by the nation. His charismatic addresses in venues around the world drew tens of thousands, as he provided political analysis with sharp wit. Leading LTTE delegations through numerous negotiations, Bala Anna eloquently and forcefully articulated the rights of the nation. His intellectual prowess and political acumen earned him respect from all sides of the negotiating table.

Tamil families rally across North-East to mark International Human Rights Day

Tamil families of the disappeared held protests and rallies today across the North-East today, marking International Human Rights Day with calls for justice for their forcibly disappeared loved ones.

Tamil Community Centre and 'hub for Tamil Canadian heritage and histories' to open in Toronto

A ground breaking new Tamil Community Centre (TCC) is set to open in Canada, home to the largest Eelam Tamil diaspora in the world, to act as a multi-purpose space, with aims to provide vital community services benefiting both the Tamil and non-Tamil community in Toronto. The TCC facility will serve to “enhance the quality of life, health and wellbeing by providing equitable access to community services” said the City of Toronto, adding “it is intended that the TCC be a dynamic, innovative, multi-purpose, and nondenominational facility incorporating spaces and services to help address the current and growing needs of the diverse Canadian Tamil community, as well as Black, Indigenous and other equity-seeking groups by acting as a community hub”.

Antony Blinken and Sri Lanka – A look at the new US Secretary of State

After US President-elect Joe Biden announced Antony Blinken as his pick for Secretary of State, we take a look at his previous comments on Sri Lanka, his internationalist and interventionist position and his remarks on American global leadership.

Cyclone Burevi devastates North-East

Fishermen in Mannar examine their wrecked boats. Tens of thosuands of people across the North-East have been impacted by Cyclone Burevi as it slammed into the island this week, leaving homes destroyed, scores displaced and at least one person missing. Wind speeds reached up to 90 kilometres per hour with rainfall exceeding 200mm in the affected areas as the cyclone hit and moved towards Tamil Nadu.