Carnage in Colombo – Protestors raid President’s home and set Prime Minister’s residence ablaze

Sri Lanka's embattled president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has fled the capital, Colombo, as tens of thousands of protesters stormed his official residence this morning, as anti-government demonstrations amidst a crushing economic crisis coming to a head. At the time of writing, protestors are currently still outside the private residence of Ranil Wickremesinghe, who just hours ago agreed to step down as the country’s prime minister. Demonstrators have set the residence alight.

Boris Johnson – A look at his record on Sri Lanka and British Tamils

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he will be resigning following a turbulent week of politics in London. As he reaches the end of his tenure as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, we look back on his statements on the British Tamil community, as well his record on advancing justice for mass atrocities in Sri Lanka.

Remembering the Black Tigers

21 Black Tiger elite commandos who took part in the raid on a Sri Lankan airbase in Anuradhapura, 2007

Tamils protest as Sri Lankan army obstructs religious rites at Vadduvakal temple

Tamil devotees are protesting at Vadduvakal Saptha Kannimar temple this evening after the Sri Lankan army blocked them from performing religious rites at the temple which sits on land currently occupied by the armed forces.

Tamil Eelam – Tamil Nadu links draw closer as flight and ferries set to resume

Flights from Jaffna’s Palaly airport to Chennai are set to be resumed next month said Sri Lanka’s prime minister, as reports of restarting a ferry service from the North-East to India also emerged, drawing together closer links between the two Tamil regions.

A closer look at the Adani deal in Sri Lanka

Dozens of Sri Lankan protestors gathered outside the Indian High Commission in Colombo on Thursday, as controversy erupted over a renewable energy project that was handed to the Adani Group last year. “Stop Adani, Stop Adani!” chanted the protestors in Colombo, as they held placards denouncing the Indian multinational conglomerate. “Hands off Sri Lanka,” rang another slogan.

History in flames: remembering the burning of Jaffna Library

At midnight on May 31, 1981, the Jaffna Public Library, the crucible of Tamil literature and heritage, was set ablaze by Sri Lankan security forces and state-sponsored mobs. The burning has since been marked by Eelam Tamils as an act of genocide.

‘They’ll be home soon’ - Hope for Biloela family, but other Tamils remain in limbo

After Labor leader Anthony Albanese emerged victorious in Australia’s election last week, fresh hope has been raised for the Murugappan family, a Tamil family of asylum seekers who were removed by Australian authorities from their home in Biloela almost four years ago.

Canada's Parliament recognises Tamil Genocide in landmark motion

Canada's House of Commons unanimously adopted a motion recognising May 18 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day, in a landmark move making it the first parliament in the world to recognise the Tamil genocide.

Tamil Genocide Day commemorated in North-East

May 18 marks Tamil Genocide Day, commemorating the tens of thousands of Tamils who were massacred by the Sri Lankan state 13 years ago. Follow events from across the Tamil Guardian below and on our Twitter account here .