British war crimes police arrest man over murder of Tamil journalist in Jaffna

The Metropolitan Police’s War Crimes Team have arrested a 48-year-old man in Britain over the murder of Tamil journalist Mylvaganam Nimalarajan in Jaffna more than 20 years ago - marking the first time that British authorities have made an arrest over war crimes committed in Sri Lanka.

From Manchester to Colombo – An international struggle for justice in Sri Lanka  

“I was very naive in the beginning,” says Nasser Shaikh. He travelled to Sri Lanka and met with senior government officials after his brother had been brutally murdered. He had hoped for answers and the real truth. “I guess they told me everything, I needed to hear.” Nasser spoke to the Tamil Guardian about his struggle to seek justice that spanned from his hometown of Manchester to Colombo in Sri Lanka.

‘Boycott Chennai Super Kings’ – Fans outraged after Sri Lankan army player joins IPL champions

As the 2022 Indian Premier League auction came to a close this week, controversy erupted after reigning champions Chennai Super Kings purchased Sri Lankan army cricketer Maheesh Theekshana to join the Tamil Nadu-based franchise. The hashtags #Boycott_ChennaiSuperKings and #DontNormaliseTamilGenocide began being shared on social media platforms as new spread of the Sri Lankan Army Corporal joining the team.

Saluting the LTTE? Sri Lankan military features LTTE commandos in Independence Day parade

Sri Lanka’s ‘Independence Day’ parade has drawn attention after it emerged that a military float carrying ‘War Heroes of Sri Lanka’ was adorned with a photograph of LTTE fighters. The float, which was carrying seated fighters from the Sri Lankan military, was given a prominent place in the parade, reportedly carrying “War Heroes”. It has since emerged that the second photograph on the float, seen in the photograph above, is of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) commandos on the battlefield.

'Black day for Tamil homeland!' - Tamils in Mullivaikkal reject Sri Lanka's Independence Day

Tamil families of the disappeared and activists rallied in Mullivaikkal this morning, to mark Sri Lanka's 74th Independence Day, which is regarded as a 'black day' for the Tamil nation.

Sri Lanka admits buying weapons from North Korea through ‘Black Market’ despite sanctions 

Sri Lanka’s finance minister Basil Rajapaksa revealed how his government illegally purchased weapons from North Korea during the height of the armed conflict, using money sourced from the “black market”. Rajapaksa, who holds US citizenship, told The Sunday Divayina this week that during the peak of Sri Lanka’s military offensive, he and other Sri Lankan officials would personally visit the ‘Pettah’ Business District in Colombo to speak with traders and obtain dollars in the black market. The money would then be used to purchase arms from North Korea, he continued.

‘For over 70 years Tamils have rejected a unitary state’ – Thousands protest in Jaffna

In a massive rally this morning, Eelam Tamils in Jaffna have come out to protest against the 13 th amendment and have demanded recognition of Tamil nationhood and sovereignty through a federal structure.

Trade, climate and human rights – Britain’s South Asia Minister tours Tamil homeland

British South Asia Minister, Lord Tariq Ahmad, has been on a whirlwind 3-day tour of Sri Lanka landing in Colombo and making trips to Jaffna and Trincomalee where he stressed the importance of human rights and accountability. This was the first time the minister visited Jaffna.

British lawmakers and Tamils celebrate Pongal in Westminster

A host of British parliamentarians and other politicians joined the British Tamil community in Westminster on Monday to celebrate Thai Pongal in London. Lawmakers took to the stage and praised the British Tamil community, paying tribute to their contributions in several fields and pledging solidarity with their struggle for justice and accountability in the homeland.

Pongalo Pongal! Tamils celebrate Thai Pongal in the homeland

Thai Pongal was celebrated across the Tamil homeland this morning, with festivities taking place despite concerns about rising food prcies, food shortages and the plight of farmers caused by the coronavirus pandemic.