Tamil couple fundraise for toy drive for refugee families

The Amma project , a charity initiative started by a British Tamil couple, is working alongside the Swansea Asylum Seekers Support (SASS) to provide gifts for children from refugee families during the Christmas period. SASS charity was chosen by the couple as they help asylum seeker familes in various situations, a cause close to their hearts. Donations can be received on the GoFundme until the 16th of December for gifts, where almost £900 has been raised. Any donations made after this will go towards essentials such as blankets, clothes and foods. Badushi and Gowrypalan shared an interest in...

Naai Sekar Returns - No bark, no bite

Overall, ‘Naai Sekar Returns’ is an underwhelming effort and not the re-entry into Tamil cinema a comedic legend like Vadivelu deserves.

Revisiting Baba - 20th anniversary re-release

Baba is a strange yet singular film, which reveals a lot about its writer. It is an unmissable film for a Rajini fan. Unfortunately, the re-release has toned down the aspects which make the film unique.

Tamils celebrate Karthikai Deepam

The Tamil festival of lights known as Karthikai Deepam or Karthikai Villakkeedu was celebrated in the North-East this weekend. The festival falls each year on the full moon night of the Tamil month of karthikai and celebrates the creation of the Tamil god Murugan, although the celebration of a festival of lights precedes Hindu canonisation. It was observed this year on December 7th. Tamil people observed the night by lighting lamps in houses, streets and temples. Karthikai Deepam observed across the Mannar district in shops, houses and offices.

Harrow Arts Centre calls for creative submissions from Tamil community

Harrow Arts Centre, the prestigious heritage building in the London borough of Harrow will be hosting an exhibition to mark Tamil Heritage Month 2023. For the exhibition which "aims to creatively explore the rich heritage of the Tamil community", the arts centre is calling on members of the Tamil community to submit artwork which creatively expresses their heritage and culture. In it's callout the centre says: We welcome all art forms including creative writing, poetry, textiles, illustration, painting, photography, and ornamental (small scale) sculpture . If you’re struggling for inspiration...

DSP - An uninspired cop's tale

Vijay Sethupathi films tend to be a 50:50 deal for me. He is either a part of some of the best Tamil films in recent history or run-of-the-mill, unoriginal template masala films. Unfortunately, DSP falls in the latter category.

Eelam Tamil artist's exhibition offers glimpse into alternate realities

As an Eelam Tamil artist, Christopher Kulendran Thomas experienced his homeland being eradicated, sparking his inspiration behind the exhibition. Christopher Kulendran Thomas’ exhibition, ‘Another World,’ featured in the Institute of Contemporary Arts London, explores the struggle for an independent Tamil homeland through the artistic perspective of blending contemporary art and technology.

‘Edu Thodakkam’ crowns Tamil Hindu festival season

Navaratri, meaning ‘nine nights’, is a Hindu festival paying tribute to various goddesses, with regional variations across South Asia. Tamils commonly refer to the festival as ‘Saraswathi Puja’, celebrating the period as a time for new educational and artistic endeavours, under the auspices of Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge and the arts.

Love Today - A quirky 21st century rom-com

Life is a tragedy seen in closeup, but a comedy in long-shot. Ranganathan is aware of this, and the switches between comedy and tragedy are executed masterfully.

Prince: A royal pain

Horror, much like most other genres, elicits laughter when it fails. Failed comedy, on the other hand, leaves the viewer horrified. This was my experience of watching Anudeep KV’s Sivakarthikeyan starrer ‘Prince.’