Tamil healthcare workers on the COVID-19 frontline - April 8th

With healthcare workers across the globe working to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, we look at some of the Tamils on the frontlines of the battle to save lives. From nurses and doctors to our paramedics and porters, every single contribution is invaluable. And alongside thousands of other workers, the Tamil community has been actively involved in efforts to fight the pandemic. We will be highlighting stories of healthcare workers around the world who are working to keep us all safe.

Tamil healthcare workers on the COVID-19 frontline - April 4th

With healthcare workers across the globe working to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, we look at some of the Tamils on the frontlines of the battle to save lives.

British Tamil community rallies together in wake of coronavirus outbreak

British Tamils across the United Kingdom have rallied together in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, with community organisations putting in place a raft of initiatives to help those most in need as the country goes into lockdown.

Canadian Tamil students organise communal transport service in wake of coronavirus

Tamil students and volunteers from Toronto, Canada have set up a free transportation service to help the elderly and others in need during the COVID-19 crisis. With the coronavirus prompting more nationwide restrictions and lockdowns across the world, it has made it particularly difficult for elderly and immunocompromised individuals to seek medical assistance and to purchase groceries, medications and other necessities.

Tamil diaspora and homeland artists collaborate and celebrate ‘Our Soil’

A collective of Tamil artists from the diaspora and across the North-East teamed up to celebrate the beauty of the Tamil homeland earlier this year, in a music video that has racked up thousands of views so far. ‘Zha Mann’ or ‘Our Soil’ is a track made by UK-based Tamil artist Santhors, singer S Ravi, rappers C V Laksh and Baveena and a collaboration of Parai drummers, and has over 20,000 hits and counting. Tamil Guardian caught up with some of the artists involved in the project, to speak about the song, the Tamil music industry and about the Tamil homeland.

‘I’ve been working for the last ten years to create this film’ – interview with director of Sinamkol

In anticipation of Sinamkol’s extended release, director Ranjith Joseph spoke with the Tamil Guardian to provide an insight into how he created Sinamkol, the first film to be directed from a post-war Tamil Eelam perspective. ‘I met fighters and learnt about their pain, and the war’. In response to the question of what gave him the inspiration of cinema and the desire to tell the story of the Eelam people, Ranjith stated “my grandfather was a great storyteller, he was renowned for his work in Naattu Koothu - a form of Tamil story telling and performance and I got an interest for story telling...

Jaffna unveils 'first ever museum' celebrating Tamil culture and heritage

A museum showcasing and celebrating Tamil history and culture has been opened in Navatkuli, Jaffna – making it the first time in history that a museum of its kind has been built on the island.

VVT kite festival parades Tamil culture and resistance

Thousands of people came together to take part and enjoy the Kite Festival that took place on Tuesday in Valvettithurai (VVT), Jaffna. The annual Thai Pongal kite festival, held on January 14, was celebrated by residents and kite enthusiasts at VVT's Uthayasooriyan coast.

British Tamil rapper M.I.A receives MBE from Royal Family

British Tamil rapper and activist M.I.A received an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for services to music from Prince William at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, and highlighted how her mother who fled Sri Lanka as a refugee helped stitch the very medal she received.

Pongalo pongal! Tamil festival celebrated in Eelam

Tamils in Eelam and around the world celebrated the festival of Thai Pongal on Wednesday.