Methagu 2 - A crucial reclamation of history

Methagu opened to both praise and controversy when it premiered last year, an inevitable situation due to the complex leader it depicts. The first film shows Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in his youth and the political state of the nation, as well as the oppression faced by the Tamils at the hand of the Sinhalese. We watch as an angry young boy decides to act boldly, rather than stand by and watch the genocide of his people. Methagu 2 is a sequel, continuing a few years from where the first film concluded.

Thiruchitrambalam: A breezy, lighthearted rom-com

Mithran Jawahar started his career on a high note. Remaking his mentor Selvaraghavan’s only Telugu film ‘Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule’ in Tamil as ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’ starring Dhanush, Selvaraghavan’s brother, Jawahar benefitted from the solid and nuanced screenplay. Jawahar has since remained in the rom-com lane, his other film of note being another Dhanush starrer ‘Uthamaputhiran’, a riotous sequence of laughs which bolstered Jawahar’s reputation for comedy. However, I was not a fan of Jawahar’s ‘Kutty’, causing some apprehension entering this film.

European Tamil dancers stun with Kuthu at Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games, a multi-sport event which takes place every four years, landed in Birmingham for 2022, a UK city well-known for its diverse population with many communities with roots in the Commonwealth. The city’s South Asian cultures were represented in the games’ opening and closing ceremonies, and for the first time in the history of the games, Tamil representation also gained pride of place at the closing ceremony with an upbeat Kuthu folk dance. The dance entitled ‘Dia Dia Dole’ was choreographed and performed by French Tamil dancer Usha Jey , and Swiss Tamil dancers Janusha and Mithuja .

Viruman: An underwhelming feat

It's a terrible sign when the interval card rolls up and you let out a sign of exasperation, realising there’s another hour and fifteen minutes to sit through. The film opens with the usual cocktail for Tamil commercial ventures: the hero enters to an action block (in this instance, a wrestling match) followed by a song where his strength, bravura and good nature are praised, and soon after we are introduced to the romantic interest.

Nallur temple annual festival underway with flag raising

The annual festival, Thiruvizha, of the iconic Nallur Kandasamy Kovil in Jaffna began today with the ceremony for hoisting of the deity's flag.

Dhanush releases trailer for new film entitled ‘Captain Miller’

Kollywood superstar Dhanush released a trailer for his latest film ‘Captain Miller’ this week, racking up millions of views within hours as it generated worldwide buzz. The eagerly anticipated film, which sees Dhanush in the starring role and is directed by Arun Matheswaran, caught the attention of many with its swashbuckling visuals and familiarly powerful title. Captain Miller is also the name of LTTE’s first Black Tiger.

Tamils around the world arrive in New York for first day of the FeTNA summit

On Friday, hundreds of Tamils arrived in New York for the 35th annual Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA) summit. FeTNA is an umbrella organization of over sixty different member Tamil Sangams from across North America, which has been meeting annually since its inception in 1987. The first day of the convention began with the Tamil Entrepreneurs Forum (TEFCON). The event featured addresses from prominent businessman and financial executives.Roy Ratnavel for instance, is an esteemed Tamil Canadian who fled torture and imprisonment in Sri Lanka, and has documented his...

‘Bharathiyar Vizha’ celebrated in Mannar with performances and Tamil poetry

Locals in Mannar held an event to celebrate the revolutionary Tamil poet Subramani Bharathi, fondly known as Bharathiyar, last week in a show that celebrated Tamil culture, dance and literature. Hindu, Catholic and Muslim leaders were invited to the event, alongside local politicians.

Tamil Academic Journal publishes its first issue

The Tamil Academic Journal (TAJ), the first Tamil diaspora led academic journal, has published its first issue under the title “Tamil Resistance in the Twenty-First Century” online. (Photo of TAJ Conference at Kingston University July 6th 2019) The publication on 14 April, follows a successful conference at Kingston University where prominent academics on a range of issues from academic freedom; caste discrimination; the colonisation of the North and East of Sri Lanka; Tamil Linguistics in Singapore; and, Tamil identity across the diaspora and homeland. Read more here: Tamil Academic Journal...

Tamil Puthandu marked across North-East

Jaffna Despite Sri Lanka’s ongoing economic crisis, the Tamil New Year, which falls on the first day of the month of Chithirai in the Tamil calendar, was celebrated across the North-East earlier today. With some referring to the April festival as an exclusively Hindu and sanskritised holiday, there is debate among Tamil communities as to whether the day truly represents a Tamil New Year. Although socially and politically, a lot more prominence is given to the secular Tamil festival of Thaipongal, Chithirai Puthandu is still widely celebrated by Tamils in the North-East and globally. This year...