Maamannan - A film of two halves

Following a fantastic debut and sophomore feature with 2018’s ‘Pariyerum Perumal’ and 2021’s ‘Karnan,’ Mari Selvaraj returns with his latest endeavour, the political family drama ‘Maamannan.’ Selvaraj focusses on tackling caste issues through his filmography, revealing the inhumanity and obstacles the Dalit community face under oppression and marginalisation.

Por Thozhil - A decent effort

‘Por Thozhil’ stands on a decent albeit formulaic plot, a good central performance from Sarathkumar and a progressively tense second half.

Modern Love Chennai - A cut above

For this anthology, Amazon Prime made the intelligent decision of passing the mantle of Creative Producer to one of Kollywood’s best: Thiagarajan Kumararaja. The result of this is a collection of short films at least a few leagues above the standard witnessed in previous attempts.

Farhana - A blessing in disguise

Nelson Venkatesan’s previous outing was a well-made family entertainer called ‘Monster,’ starring a typically cartoonish SJ Suryah as a man haunted by a mouse. The film is innocent fun, which are two words I would not use to describe his most recent work ‘Farhana.’ Venkatesan completely shifts gears, to deliver a solidly thought-out thriller. It impressively weaves through themes of masks, desires and self-control.

Custody - Arrested development

Venkat Prabhu’s latest cinematic offering arrives not too soon after his best work with 2021’s ‘Maanaadu’ and last year’s middlingly received ‘Manmadha Leelai.’ ‘Custody’ is a bilingual venture, featuring names from both the Tamil and Telugu film industry, including lead Naga Chaitanya. Despite a cult following for his films, Prabhu’s filmography has been spotty at best - ‘Mankatha’ seemed like a fluke until ‘Maanaadu.’ With ‘Custody,’ Prabhu has slipped back into cruise control.

Ponniyin Selvan Part II - An unworthy successor

Seven months after the release of the first instalment of ‘Ponniyin Selvan,’ the conclusion of the two-part film hits screens worldwide.

Karaithuraipattu Divisional Secretariat organises Iftar

The Divisional Secretariat of Karaithuraipattu organised an Iftar event on 18th April for the Muslim community of the area to break their fast. Muslim residents and others locals participated in the event. During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims worldwide commemorate the first revelation of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, by fasting from sunrise to sunset, prayer, reflection, and community. The first revelation is an event described in Islamic tradition, in which angel Jibril visits the prophet and reveals to him what would later become the Qu’ran. The Iftar...

Puthandu celebrated in Tamil homeland

Despite the second year of the economic crisis, Tamils in the North-East celebrated the first day of the Tamil Puthandu, the New Year, on the first day of the Tamil calendar, which falls on 14th April. Puthandu being the equivalent of the Spring equinox is celebrated by many cultures in South Asia and South-East Asia and by the diaspora communities from these cultures. The Tamil solar calendar developed during the Chola empire, from the 9th to the 13th centuries, was part of a method used to mathematically compute the age of the earth using astronomical data. This calendar has been referenced...

University students participate in first TSOC Olympics

On 2nd April 2023, the inaugural inter-university Tamil society athletics competition was set up and held by Queen Mary’s Tamil society, Bart’s Tamil Society and ES sports. Universities from across the UK competed to be crowned the TSOC Olympic Champions by participating in multiple field, track and mixed events. The team of organisers aimed to promote inclusivity across the Tamil community by including both male and female participants from each university competing in every event. The competition also included a TSOC All-Star football match that involved a team of players hailing from...

Soppana Sundari - Engine trouble

Note: there are some cuts made to the theatrical release of 'Soppana Sundari' in the UK to suit the family audience. The name for SG Charles’s film ‘Soppana Sundari’ hails from the 1989 film ‘Karakattakkaran,’ a film with a densely packed and iconic comedy track. Borrowing its title from a titan of Tamil comedy, ‘Soppana Sundari’ has a sizeable reputation to live up to. Unfortunately, the film flounders. We follow Agalya, played by Aishwarya Rajesh, the winner of a brand new car from a prize draw. Her family, composed of her mute older sister, stroke afflicted father and naive mother, rejoice...