UK Tamil youth “disappointed” at UNHRC resolution

Tamil students from several universities in the UK have expressed their disappointment at the exclusion of a Commission of Inquiry in the resolution on Sri Lanka, passed at the Human Rights Council in Geneva last week. Tamil Societies from 21 universities signed a statement, alongside Tamil Youth Organisation - UK, to call for an international, independent investigation into allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity and to recognise that what the Tamils face in their homeland is genocide. “We express serious disappointment at the exclusion of an independent, international commission of inquiry into all allegations of crimes against humanity and genocide, and stress the crucial need for such a mechanism in order to secure true accountability and justice,” the statement said. “Whilst we recognise the initiative to bring Sri Lanka into the spotlight of international fora after the dismal failure of the international community to act and protect civilian lives during the armed conflict, we strongly condemn a number of states in the international community who have actively been diluting what was already a substantially weak resolution […].

“Mistake” to grant Sri Lanka one more year – PEARL

The US-based advocacy group PEARL has criticised the UN Human Rights Council resolution on Sri Lanka. In a statement, released on Monday, the organisation said the resolution was another “grave failure” of the UN on Sri Lanka. “Given Sri Lanka’s structural impunity for past and present crimes, it is a mistake to grant Sri Lanka one more year of ‘time and space’ to investigate itself. This will only exacerbate Sri Lanka’s insidious efforts to Sinhalizeand militarize Tamil areas, causing irreversible damage to the Tamil community,” said spokesperson Anjali Manivannan. “This HRC session...

Resolution not a victory for Tamils but defeat for Sri Lanka – TGTE

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam has said the resolution passed at the UN Human Rights Council last week was a defeat for the Sri Lankan government, but pointed out that it failed to come close to Tamil people’s aspirations. “The resolution did not come close to Tamil people's aspirations or expectations. We cannot consider this resolution, therefore as a victory for Tamils. However, we can definitely look at this as a defeat for Sri Lanka,” a statement said. “The fact that this resolution was debated and passed in the United Nations Human Rights Council will help to expose the...

SL is a Sinhala Buddhist country - Buddhist clergy

At the party convention on Sunday, the Bodu Bala Sena, urged Sinhala people to 'protect the nation and not let other races or religions to take over '. Asserting that the island was not multi-religious or multi-ethnic, the Buddhist monk, Medagoda Abayathissa thero urged Sinhala families to have at least 5 or 6 children so that the Sinhala Buddhist population grows. Meanwhile Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena, Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara thera called on the Sinhala masses to be ready to rally against 'Christian and Muslim extremist groups' in Sri Lanka. He added, “ We have now become the police of...

Tamil Nadu bans IPL matches with SL cricketers

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has banned all Indian Premier League (IPL) matches involving Sri Lankan cricket players. The decision, made by the state government, came as the chief Minister J. Jayalalitha wrote a letter to the Indian prime minister on Tuesday explaining her actions and the overwhelming "anger" in the state at Sri Lanka's "barbaric acts" towards the Tamils. She wrote: "In view of the popular antipathy and anger in Tamil Nadu against the actions of the Government of Sri Lanka, the Government of Tamil Nadu is of the view that IPL matches involving Sri Lankan players, umpires and other officials should not be played in Tamil Nadu. The BCCI may be advised by the Government of India to prevail upon the IPL organizers not to allow Sri Lankan players, officials, umpires and support staff to take part in the tournament in Tamil Nadu. The Government of Tamil Nadu will permit IPL matches to be held in Tamil Nadu, only if the organizers provide an undertaking that no Sri Lankan players, umpires, officials or support staff would participate in these matches. " Ten IPL matches are scheduled to take place in Chennai, with the very popular Chennai Super Kings, including two Sri Lankan players. The IPL's Twenty20 tournament, which is due to take place on 3rd April, has thirteen Sri Lankan players signed up to play including: Mahela Jayawardene, Muttiah Muralitharan, Lasith Malinga, Tilakratne Dilshan and Ajantha Mendis.

IPL confirms no Sri Lanka players in Chennai

The Chairman of the Indian Premier League has confirmed that no Sri Lankan players will be taking part in cricket matches to be held in Chennai as part of the tournament, earlier today. The decision comes after a letter from Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to the Indian Prime Minster, barring all Sri Lankan players from playing in Chennai, in protest over Sri Lanka's "genocide against a defenceless civilian Tamil population". IPL Chairman Rajeev Shukla said in statement, “Today, the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has written to the Prime Minister of India stating that she will not permit the participation of Sri Lankan players or umpires in matches in Chennai during Pepsi IPL 2013.″ “The IPL Governing Council met this afternoon to discuss the issue. The security of all involved in the IPL, whether players, spectators or those working in the stadiums, is of paramount importance to the BCCI. The Governing Council decided that Sri Lankan players will not participate in the Pepsi IPL 2013 League matches in Chennai and will advise the nine franchises accordingly.”

Tamil Nadu calls on Delhi to end 1974 agreement with Sri Lanka

Voicing concern over increased attacks on Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan navy, the Tamil Nadu government today asked the Centre to initiate diplomatic steps to check it and urged for withdrawal of the 1974 agreement ceding Katchatheevu islet to Colombo, PTI reports. Chief minister J Jayalalithaa said her government will seek legal course if the central government failed to accede to the demand. See PTI’s report here . On Sri Lankan Navy attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen, See our earlier comment, ‘ The cycle of oppression ’ (Sep 2012) See also some of our posts since August: Jaya slams...

BBC suspends Sri Lanka broadcasts after 'interference'

The BBC said on Tuesday it was suspending its World Service FM radio broadcasts in Sri Lanka due to "continued interruption and interference" in its Tamil programming. See AFP’s report here . Both English language and Tamil services broadcast via the state-owned Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) will be stopped with immediate effect, the BBC said. "We regret the disruption in service to our loyal audiences in Sri Lanka, but such targeted interference in our programmes is a serious breach of trust with those audiences, which the BBC cannot allow," World Service director Peter Horrocks...

Shortcomings of the Sri Lankan ‘National’ identity card

A petition requesting that details on ‘National’ Identity cards, issued by the Sri Lankan government, were printed in both Sinhala and Tamil, was filed today at the Supreme Court. The petition asked for both languages to be included on the National Identity cards, as the current Sinhalese only National Identity card, proved to be of no use when travelling in the North-eastern provinces. The deputy solicitor of the court, General Viraj Rajapakse, in response to the petition, said a decision will be made on May 2 2013. See full report here .

SL 'concerned about mixing of politics and sports'

Responding to Tamil Nadu's decision to ban Sri Lankan players from Indian Premier League (IPL) matches in the state, Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to India, Prasad Kariyawasam told CNN-IBN: “We are concerned about mixing of politics and sports. Now that is something very unfortunate. It should not happen in our region. Our concern is with regard to Sri Lankans visiting India including sportspersons and their security. Our cricketers are precious and their security is most important.”