Strengthening homeland security

The LTTE is building a citizens’ militia that can provide a measure of protection for their own villages, particularly against Army-backed irregulars, and could be drafted into relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters.

Palaly: revamping a lifeline

How would the LTTE interpret the Sri Lankan military’s rushed efforts to expand its key military bases and supply nodes in the northern peninsula?

Kumaratunga is neither down nor out.

Mahinda Rajapakse’s selection as the SLFP’s next Presidential candidate is not necessarily inimical to Chandrika Kumaratunga’s ambitions for power

Profile of a shadow war veteran

The veteran Sri Lankan intelligence officer shot dead on May 30 was a central figure in the atrocity-punctuated paramilitary aspects of the counter-insurgency campaign against the LTTE in the early nineties then had a critical role in the deep penetration attacks on LTTE commanders and officials.

Will new war be in the east?

With tensions between the Sri Lanka military and the Liberation Tigers on the rise, Tamil Guardian staff writers examine popular thinking in the Tamil areas with regards to a renewed conflict.