Kilinochchi: The Kiss Of Death

"Kilinochchi within kissing distance". So said the disinformation warriors of Lt.Gen.Sarath Fonseka, the Sri Lankan Army Commander, more than a week ago.

The Spectre of Stalingrad

Is one seeing a mini version of Stalingrad in the battle for Kilinochchi, the current headquarters of the LTTE? Could "Gen.Monsoon" and "Gen.Recession" put an end to the pipedreams of the Sri Lankan Army of a definitive victory over the LTTE?

China Doing a Myanmar in Sri Lanka?

B Raman examines the reasons for last weeks secretive high-level visit to Sri Lanka, pondering possible Indian concern at growing Sri Lanka-China relations.

An act of unbelievable determination, bravery and precision

LTTE leader Vellupillai Pirapaharan meeting Air Tigers before setting off on their mission deep behind Sri Lankan lines. Photo LTTE Reliable details of the combined air and land attack launched by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on the Anuradhapura air base of the Sri Lankan Air Force early in the morning of October 22, 2007, indicate that it was neither an act of desperation as projected by the embarrassed Sri Lankan military spokesmen nor an act of needless dramatics as suggested by others. It was an act of unbelievable determination, bravery and precision successfully carried...

Sri Lanka’s war has entered a new phase

The Tamil Eelam Air Force of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which has been in existence for at least nine years without the Sri Lankan intelligence having the least idea about its location and capability, went into action for the first time since its creation in the early hours of March 26. It was a conventional air attack and not a suicide mission. Two aircraft of the TAF flew over the Sri Lankan Air Force base at Katunayake near Colombo and dropped four bombs. At least three SLAF personnel were killed and about 20 injured. Two helicopters, reportedly given by Pakistan, were badly...

Rajapakse is bent on a dictated peace

He intends to remove the Eastern Province from the control of the Tamils and ultimately convert it into a Sinhalese majority area.