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Mannar mass grave count rises to 55

As excavations continued at the site of the Mannar mass grave in Thirukketheeswaram yesterday, two more human remains were discovered, bringing the toll up to 55, reports the Uthayan.

Today, skeletal fragments of previously discovered remains were unearthed reported the newspaper. The excavation is set to continue tomorrow.

The mass grave was first discovered when construction workers found two human skeletons on December 20th when digging in Thirukketheeswaram.

The following week, a further four skulls were unearthed, with more over subsequent weeks (see also here, here, here, here and here).

Last week the Bishop of Mannar, who has called for an international investigation into the mass grave due to the lack of credibility associated with any internal process, said that the holes in many of the skulls were believed to be from gunshot wounds.