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Little progress on Tamil issues by Sri Lanka's interim government says TNA

Sri Lanka’s interim government has not addressed Tamil concerns, said former Tamil National Alliance MP MA Sumanthiran in an interview with the Sunday Leader.

Commenting on the interim governance's progress on issues relating to the disappeared, political prisoners, Tamil land and the national question, Mr Sumanthiran said,

“We placed those concerns before the President and brought them to his notice right at the beginning. Few steps were taken in the months of January and February but thereafter nothing happened and we could not see a progress.”

Speaking on how Tamils would vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections, Mr Sumanthiran added,

“The national question was not articulated in the 100-day programme. Therefore, without further delay, people are eager to demonstrate their position with regard to the Tamil national issue and how it should be resolved.”

Noting that some progress had been made on resettling land, Mr Sumanthiran, said,
“We can see some progress in that area. Nevertheless it is way too slow for our liking. We should acknowledge that it is taking the right direction.