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It's only you who disagree with us - SL Amb Nonis tells Channel 4

Asked by Channel 4's Jonathan Miller on whether Sri Lanka should be hosting the CHOGM later this year, Sri Lanka's ambassador to the UK Chris Nonis replied:

"We welcome everyone to Sri Lanka, because I think it's a wonderful opportunity for everyone to make an objective and impartial analysis  of the wonder reconciliation programme that is taking part in the country."

Miller: "Do you think Sri Lanka abides by the Commonwealth's values and principles? Rule of law? Human rights?"

Nonis: "Absolutely. We were one of the founding nations."

Miller: "Why do so many disagree with you, including the UN?"

Nonis: "I think it is only you who disagree with us."

The head of the Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma refused to comment on the issue, reported Channel 4.