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India restores some internet access in Kashmir

India has restored some internet access in Kashmir for the first time since the region had its autonomy revoked and was placed in a lockdown in August.

The measure will allow limited access to social media and may provide better reporting on what is going on in Kashmir.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, withdrew the regional autonomy and special rights of Jammu and Kashmir on grounds of furthering regional development. Reuters notes that whilst this occurred, New Delhi flooded the region with additional troops, detaining scores of people and imposing harsh restrictions on movement and communication. These measures have lightened over the period however the block of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have remained.

In response to these bans, many residents have attempted to overcome the ban through the use of VPN’s (virtual private networks). The government has defended its actions by stating that this was a required move to stop agitation within the region which followed the revoking of autonomous status.

Read Reuter’s reporting here.