What chance peace?

The formidable obstacles to peace and negotiated settlement have been assembled by President Rajapakse himself.

Double standards on the TRO

Similar attacks on aid workers elsewhere in the world are usually unreservedly condemned. Why not here?

Silent lessons: so much for free speech

An intimate view of international standards on human rights, democracy and all that.

Not just a question of prosperity

When the time comes, the Tamils might also wish to freely navigate global economic dynamics for themselves.

‘We call for your help’

TRO''s Executive Director appeals to the Diaspora

Complicit silence and moral censure

Tamils should ask themselves - is it realpolitik and not moral imperatives drive policy decisions in foreign capitals?

Basics of making peace

Any meaningful steps toward a viable peace process, let alone a stable peace, must start with the demilitarization of Tamil areas.

Claymores and compellence

The unprecedented violence in Sri Lanka’s Northeast is forcing the government of President Mahinda Rajapakse to abandon its hardline stances on the peace process.

War clouds and ground realities

India will have to overcome its anathema for the LTTE and accept the primacy of the Tigers in the Tamil polity.

Response of a disgruntled Tamil

A resident of Nallur, Jaffna responds to criticism in Sri Lankan newspapers of the Tamil boycott of last November’s Presidential election.