SLFP under stress ahead of election

The SLFP feels the consolidation of Sinhala nationalist and left wing votes is necessary to beat the UNP. But it cannot hope to win with a brazenly communal agenda either.

Rajapakse's dilemma: balancing rival demands

No candidate can win a Presidential election mainly or solely on the support of the Sinhalese electorate.

Kumaratunga is neither down nor out.

Mahinda Rajapakse’s selection as the SLFP’s next Presidential candidate is not necessarily inimical to Chandrika Kumaratunga’s ambitions for power

A nation reduced to pessimism

Sri Lanka is slipping down the precipice politically, economically and socially.

Just the end of the beginning

Debt relief alone won''t relieve third-world poverty, argues Joseph Stiglitz, professor of economics at Columbia University and a Nobel laureate.

Niger need not have starved

It was heartbreakingly easy to prevent this tragedy in Africa happening and with relatively tiny sums of money

Relief groups create unintended chaos

As was the case during Sri Lanka’s protracted civil war, in the wake of the tsunami, international NGOs are generating an economy all their own, writes John R. Van Eenwyk, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Superpower lite: US rethinks India

The visit to Washington this week by India's prime minister, Manmohan Singh, symbolizes a change in the relationship between the world''s two largest democracies.

P-TOMS, ethnic politics and conflict transformation

For Sri Lanka to move forward towards peace, the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim political forces need to stop making zero-sum ethnic calculations.

Premature opportunity stays immediate challenge

The stability of President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s government is assured because none of the other parties want an election at this juncture, the Jaffna-based Uthayan newspaper argues.