Watching the watchdog: the politics of extrajudicial killings

The UN could have prevented the deterioration in human rights security in Sri Lanka this year. But it had another political priority.

In memory of the lives lost at Sencholai

Milk and clear honey, wild rice and lentil

New labels, old game

The Tamil project has come this far in the face of open and consistent international hostility and contempt.

Tamils and Tigers

Even if the international community was able to appreciate Tamil aspirations, there is little evidence that it is capable of delivering them.

On rights, the Diaspora and the LTTE

Why does HRW have difficulty establishing credibility with the Diaspora?

Why Rajapakse’s actions make sense

The President’s twin objectives cannot be fulfilled through a federal solution.

The road to war was signposted

Sri Lanka’s ongoing offensive has been prepared openly over two years.

Deserving victims, just violence

The pogrom against Tamils in July 1983 was supported by deeply held ideological assumptions that still inform the political logic of the Sinhala people and their leaders.

July 1983 and the Tamil armed struggle

The 1983 violence effectively laid the foundation for a widespread conflict that is yet to be resolved.

A solution within the constitution is a mirage

It is a block to achieving peace or communal harmony in the country as it would bars fulfilment of any political aspirations of the Tamils.