Marking or silencing the enemy?

The spate of attacks on the Suderoli newspaper could be linked to Sinhala nationalists' mobilisation in the run up to Presidential elections or their efforts to promote the political ambitions of the renegade LTTE commander, Karuna.

Presidential candidates pursue alliances

As the two main candidates for Sri Lanka’s forthcoming elections launched their campaigns in earnest, the customary horsetrading with other political parties also got into full swing.

Strengthening homeland security

The LTTE is building a citizens’ militia that can provide a measure of protection for their own villages, particularly against Army-backed irregulars, and could be drafted into relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters.

Iraq’s constitution faces stiff challenges

Feelings run high among Iraq’s communities over the country’s draft new constitution as the United States urges for greater accommodation

Frustration amid fear of renewed war

‘The fruits of peace must be tangible. Rebuilding their houses, rebuilding their livelihoods, being able to move freely. Unfortunately, these things are not happening.’

MI6 negotiates Hamas restraint

With a long history of entering into negotiations with outlawed terror groups, Britain’s external intelligence agency is now in discussions with Hamas.

Close encounter with a Tamil Tigress

‘All new recruits were given a year’s basic training. This included literacy skills for those who couldn’t read and write and depending on their interests and capabilities, advanced training for the jobs they would take up.’

New lifelines for Sri Lanka’s economy

The EU has scrapped taxes on 90% of its imports from Sri Lanka as part of its tsunami-related aid and shipping insurers have taken the island off their ‘war-risk’ list.

Amparai schools struggle amid official apathy

The devastation of schools by the December 26 tsunami was a heavy blow to ordinary people, especially the students, in this district along Sri Lanka’s eastern coast. Only at two destroyed schools has reconstruction even begun.

Iraq constitution talks revive old enmities

(Wrap) Leaders of Iraq’s different communities have shown little sign of compromise over key questions like the role of Islam and federalism in the nation''s future.