‘We do not see war as an option’

The head of the LTTE’s Political Wing, Mr. Suppiah Paramu Tamilchelvan, is interviewed days before crucial talks in Geneva this week.

Too few Tamil speakers in the state

Out of the 36,031 employees in the Police , 231 are Tamils and 246 are Muslims.

Outrage as Sri Lanka dismisses TRO ‘claims’

''It appears that a campaign of terror has been unleashed on TRO personnel in the NorthEast.''

Tigers pledge not to attack troops

‘What is crucial is to create a congenial environment so that both parties can sit together and negotiate’ - Balasingham

Civilians train in case of war

‘All along the Tamil-dominated [Jaffna] coastline, joining the Tigers has become a common cry’

‘The verandah is covered in blood’

The Navy men picked up the five year old boy by his collar ...

Fear and loathing in Jaffna

Business is crashing and people are leaving Jaffna amid escalating violence.

Oppression, resistance and war

Jaffna MP Pathmini Sithamparanathan, describes the stifling conditions of military rule and the deteriorating security situation.

Delhi responds to Tamil Nadu strings

Ironically, it was President Rajapakse’s visit to India that has revealed the nationalist sentiments in Tamil Nadu - and the extent of the constraints on central government.

Depression and alcoholism in waves’ aftermath

The tsunami also shredded the social fabric of many communities.