‘Our people will not be tolerant any longer’

Mr. Vellupillai Pirapaharan, leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) delivered his Heroes Day address on November 27, 2005. This is the full text.

The defining of torture in a new world war

The ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ ‘renditions’ and ‘severe pain’.

Diaspora Tamils mark Heroes Day

Tamils from Switzerland to Canada and Norway to South Africa salute fighters who fell int he independence struggle.

Intimidation in Northeast

Paramilitaries, military deserters and underworld thugs gear up

Hopefuls’ flying visits to Jaffna enclaves

Neither Presidential candidate meets the Tamils locals, just the Sinhala troops

Money and guns fuel paramilitary war

Deserters from the Karuna Group offer new insight into the workings of the Sri Lanka Army’s paramilitary campaign.

Slaughter in the wards

Why the massacre of staff and patients at Jaffna hospital become emblematic of the IPKF

Remembering the Jaffna exodus

The displacement of the entire town of Jaffna has had a profound impact on Tamil self-understanding.

‘Dual use’ targets and double standards

The doctrine of the US military and its allies accepts the necessity in war of destroying economic targets, particularly those with ‘dual-uses’

Still no closure, a decade later

'Almost every evening, dead bodies were brought there and soldiers were asked to bury them'